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What’s ahead at Innovate 2013?

Innovate 2013

Innovate 2013 provides the insights you need to stay ahead of the major trends revolutionizing system and software delivery across the DevOps lifecycle: Cloud, Mobile, Social, Big Data, Smarter products, Agility, and Analytics. Keep in front of the competition, and advance your own career path with valuable technical and business knowledge. Get the inside track on this year's IBM Technical Summit with this special series of Innovate 2013 podcasts.

Innovate 2013: Enterprise Systems – Smarter Computing with System z, Power and PureSystems

Michael D Connor Sherri Hanna Susan Yoskin

Are you a System z, Power (IBM i, AIX and Linux), or PureSystems customer? Then come explore how Enterprise System solutions from IBM can help you build on existing, proven applications by extending and streamlining in the areas of Mobile, DevOps, Cloud, Service Virtualization, and Modernization. This podcast features three speakers who will highlight the Smarter Computing, System z and Power/PureSystems tracks at Innovate. Hear which sessions are not to be missed, learn how to schedule a personalized 1:1 demo in the Solutions Suites, Register for the System z Reception, Check out the Expos and Workshops, and more. Speakers, Sherri Hanna, Susan Yoskin and Michael Connor.

Innovate 2013: Product and Systems Development

bret greenstein

Hear from Bret Greenstein, Vice President, Rational Complex and Embedded Systems on the exciting content we’ve got lined up for our Systems Engineers and Embedded Software Developers during Innovate 2013. Bret will discuss his vision and strategic direction for product and systems development, focusing on industry capabilities, our commitment to openness, the importance of the partner ecosystem and continued investment in our products. Bret will also highlight our expanded systems content, special events and not to be missed educational and technical opportunities offered at this year’s event.

Enable an enterprise capability for accelerated delivery of software with DevOps

steve weaver

Business innovation is increasingly being delivered via software, and the rapid pace of market changes is driving the need for business agility. To seize market opportunities, and realize the full competitive and economic benefits from IT investments, technology leaders are implementing enterprise strategies such as DevOps to both improve the quality and accelerate the delivery of innovative applications and services. Sessions in this area of interest will address best practices for aligning stakeholders across the organization, including business owners, development, test and operations teams, including business planning, collaborative development, continuous testing, continuous release and deployment and continuous monitoring and optimization.

At Innovate 2013, stay ahead with IBM MobileFirst

ed brill neil patterson

In the era of the mobile enterprise, organizations understand that to stay ahead their mobile apps must evolve rapidly in response to feedback. This podcast highlights mobile at Innovate 2013, where new and exciting IBM MobileFirst content will be shared, from app development, to testing, to connecting mobile to your enterprise.

Tackling your big data challenges at Innovate

larry weber

Gaining new insights and creating new opportunities with big data is becoming a game changer for organizations of today. From enterprise Hadoop through streaming ‘real-time’ technologies, our big data experts will be available at Innovate to assist with your big data challenge. Listen to this podcast to hear how to get started with big data and the experience that we have prepared for the conference.

Leveraging cloud computing to transform software delivery

steve weaver

The cloud computing track at Innovate 2013 focuses on leveraging the cloud accelerate software delivery, through rapid provisioning of development and test environments; collaboration across IT teams to accelerate delivery and deployment of software; and to drive new business value through innovative offerings and services. This track is for anyone interested in cloud computing as a way to reduce operational and capital expenses, reduce development and test cycle times and improve overall quality and time to market.

Stay ahead at Innovate 2013

brian bryson

Hear what’s new and exciting about Innovate 2013, the IBM Technical Summit. Listen to this interview with Innovate 2013 Content Manager, Brian Bryson, to find out everything you need to know about what’s going on at the event, and how you can Stay Ahead with IBM and Innovate.

Innovate 2013: Faster, less costly delivery of quality software with today’s ALM

jennifer moorebernie coyne

Need to deliver software more effectively? Yesterday’s idea of application life-cycle management (ALM) may not get you there. The Lifecycle Management Track will help you consider the latest trends and best practices so you can to increase innovation while balancing speed and quality. Learn from ALM thought leaders and success stories from IBM clients.

Get Agile at Innovate 2013

matthew holitza

Going “all in” on Agile? Just exploring the potential benefits? Innovate 2013 has something for those that are looking to Go, Grow or Scale Agile! With over 70 Agile sessions dedicated to best practices, customer stories, tips and techniques combined with pre and post conference agile training, Innovate is the premier event for Agile developers. Take a few minutes and listen to the podcast to find out how you can Get Agile at Innovate 2013.


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