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What’s ahead at Innovate 2014?

If you are a developer, tester, administrator, or work with software in your organization, then you can benefit from all the information available at IBM′s Innovate conference coming soon, 1-5 June 2014 in Orlando, Florida. Innovate is IBM′s technical summit where topics such as DevOps, Continuous Engineering and Innovation are discussed. There are hundreds of educational sessions, keynote speeches from industry leaders, and a great environment to hear from and interact with your peers. Learn more and register for the conference at

Innovate 2014: DevOps in the Cloud

Jennifer Moore

Developers have a lot to worry about when developing an app. They need a physical place to run on, they need to configure it plus they need the middleware and software to run on it. Now some of these things can be found on the cloud so a developer can jump right into their coding. SoftLayer provides the infrastructure and a virtual system. BlueMix takes care of everything from virtualizing a system to providing a database service. And, IBM DevOps Services can help by providing development and test teams an open, integrated DevOps solution in the cloud for building mobile and cloud apps and deploying them in IBM BlueMix. With DevOps Services, developers can just jump right into the coding and not worry about setting up the infrastructure or framework for planning, tracking, source control, build, and deployment -- everything is right there! Including complementary IBM Mobile Quality Assurance to help you capture tester and live-user experience for building great mobile apps. At innovate you learn all about it in several sessions in the cloud and mobile tracks. You can also stop by our hands-on kiosk in the Solution EXPO and try it out for yourself -- play with sample apps, create a project, or check out trending public projects. Speakers, Jennifer Moore and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: Scale Agile to the Enterprise

Jennifer Moore

Agile is maturing. In fact, 81% of teams surveyed have over a year of experience with Agile, according to a recent Agile Maturity benchmark report commissioned by IBM and the Scrum Alliance. So teams are focusing on bigger challenges than getting started. To gain a competitive edge, teams must accelerate software innovation and delivery while reducing time to customer feedback by applying Lean and Agile principles across the entire software delivery lifecycle – not just team by team. Sessions in this track will cover how to scale Agile to the enterprise including real world tips for successful Agile adoption, extending Agile practices to large and distributed teams, and practical guidance on how to effectively adapt Agile, leveraging market -leading frameworks, and addressing issues such as regulatory compliance, outsourcing, and complex development across platforms. Speakers, Jennifer Moore and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: Continuous Engineering: Speed Delivery of Complex and Connected Products

Bret Greenstein Brian Dalgetty

This podcast will feature Bret Greenstein, VP Continuous Engineering, and Brian Dalgetty, Director Continuous Engineering Marketing, as they discuss key capabilities of continuous engineering, including: Unlocking Engineering Knowledge--"Turn Insight into Outcomes", Continuous Verification--"Measure twice, cut once", Strategic Reuse--"Don't reinvent the wheel". They will also highlight the many activities at the upcoming Innovate conference featuring continuous engineering. Speakers, Bret Greenstein, Brian Dalgetty and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: Making the Internet of Things Real

Michael Rowe

From device to cloud to mobile new development challenges are being created as manufacturers and enterprises are learning how to build and integrate connected products into their offerings and solutions. IBM and Rational are helping our customers make the Internet of Things real. Speakers, Michael Rowe and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: Develop@Speed with Cloud

Steven J. Weaver

As the industry moves to the cloud era, millions of developers are looking to access tools and services that will enable them to leverage this fast-emerging opportunity. With a broad cloud portfolio and deep expertise, IBM can help you innovate and realize the benefits of cloud fast by developing cloud and mobile applications on a leading-edge cloud platform, being agile using self-service infrastructure with instant deployment, and by providing business users with the innovative applications they need. Sessions in the cloud track at Innovate will focus on IBM solutions, including DevOps Services, that leverage public, private and hybrid clouds to deliver an open, integrated development experience that scales. Speakers, Steven J. Weaver and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: Accelerate Software Delivery with DevOps

Steven J. Weaver

Today's successful companies are recognizing that software is increasingly a competitive advantage for their business. An enterprise capability for continuous software delivery can enable organizations to seize market opportunities, respond more rapidly to customer feedback, and balance speed, cost, quality and risk. By applying lean and agile principles across the software delivery lifecycle, DevOps helps successful teams deliver a differentiated and engaging customer experience, achieve quicker time to value, and gain increased capacity to innovate. Come and learn how DevOps can accelerate your organization's software delivery capability as IBM executives, renowned subject matter experts and distinguished customers share best practices, solutions and real-world examples. Speakers, Steven J. Weaver and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: Mobile Development - Innovate@Speed with IBM MobileFirst

Neil Patterson

Interested in transforming business via mobile? You are not alone. As mobile usage continues to grow worldwide, delivering high quality mobile applications is becoming increasingly important for businesses motivated to interact with their customers and employees via mobile. While aspects of mobile application development align with traditional software, the definition of quality and velocity of mobile app delivery are very different. It is clear that adopting a comprehensive DevOps approach to mobile app development is helping organizations, like yours, to rapidly respond to feedback from users and deliver highly engaging, quality mobile apps. Explore with us through this podcast, the exciting lineup of sessions and speakers this track will offer and how DevOps capabilities are being applied successfully to build successful MobileFirst organizations. Speakers, Neil Patterson and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: Past, Present, and Future: Progress and Innovation in the Energy Sector Energy-Day @ Innovate

Tammy Kulesa

On June 3, 2014, IBM Rational will host the first Energy Day at Innovate. This Energy Forum will explore progress in clean energy over the last decade and look into the future at trends, technologies, challenges, and innovations in the energy industry. This energy form will explore progress in clean energy over the last decade and look into the future at trends, technologies, challenges, and innovations in the energy industry. The Forum will include a view into energy innovations emerging from ingenuity amongst local organizations, a panel exploring nuclear energy and systems engineering, and an expert panel presenting perspectives on the future of clean energy. Speakers Tammy Kulesa and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: Release & Deploy

Claudia Ring Robert Cuddy

Get a first look into the Release & Deploy track at Innovate 2014, which will feature IBM UrbanCode Deploy and IBM UrbanCode Release, and the technical roadmap for these solutions within IBM DevOps. The track will highlight Release & Deploy integrations with IBM Cloud and IBM Mobile, and third party products, including OpenSource offerings. It will also cover best practices for managers, ROI as realized by IBM UrbanCode customers, and in-depth technical discussion and demonstrations of the products and features. Speakers, Claudia Ring, Robert Cuddy and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: Enterprise Modernization Stream for Mainframe, AIX, IBM i and Linux

Dwayne Moore Sherri Hanna Susan Yoskin

Highlights of the three Enterprise Modernization tracks supporting DevOps for the Enterprise, including mainframe, AIX, IBM i and Linux environments. Our three track chairs discuss the main topics that will be explored to help you plan your Innovate experience. Speakers, Sherri Hanna, Susan Yoskin, Dwayne Moore and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: Innovate@Speed at the IBM Technical Summit

Brian Bryson

Hear what’s new and exciting about Innovate 2014, the IBM Technical Summit. Listen to this interview with Innovate 2014 Content Manager, Brian Bryson, to find out everything you need to know about what’s going on at the event, and how you can Innovate@Speed with IBM. Speakers, Brian Bryson and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: What is Codename: BlueMix, and how can I leverage it today?

Chris Spencer

BlueMix is IBM’s recently announced $1B investment into the cloud—it is IBM’s cloud platform. Let’s take a minute to understand what BlueMix is, how developers can leverage it today, and why it matters to business. Speakers, Chris "Spence" Spencer and Kimberly Gist

Innovate 2014: DevOps: Integrating Systems of Engagement with Systems of Record

Timothy Hahn

Your business depends on software. So it′s critical that enhancements be meaningful and timely — but you are confronted with legacy applications managed through disparate processes, tools and siloed teams that take too long to deliver the software changes needed to support your business. In today′s podcast, Tim Hahn, Distinguished Engineer and CTO for IBM Enterprise Modernization joins us to discuss IBM′s point of view on DevOps and solutions available to accelerate integration of emerging systems of engagement applications such as mobile with existing systems of record spanning distributed, mid-range and mainframe platforms. Speakers, Timothy Hahn and Kimberly Gist

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