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IBM Rational Software Talks To You.

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Join the best minds in IBM Rational as product experts and market thought leaders provide insight into the latest trends and products through these web events.

#94 Boost agility to better manage ever-changing requirements

Liz UrheimWhile most organizations want to ensure changes are seamlessly incorporated into each and every software project, they often lack the flexibility, automation and agility to make this a reality. In this podcast, Liz Urheim, Director of Marketing, IBM Rational, will discuss with you can increase organizational agility to better manage ever-changing requirements.

#93 Deliver the right product the first time

Alice Cockrum Brian BrysonNo. 1 in the series, 5 Steps to Reduce your Cost of Quality
When requirements are defined and managed properly, project overruns can be reduced by as much as 20 percent by reducing the number of inaccurate, incomplete, and omitted requirements. In this podcast, we will tell you how Rational requirements solutions can help you achieve better business outcomes and deliver the right product the first time.

#92 Lose that excess project weight in 2010 - Adapt with IBM agility@scale

Scott AmblerIn this podcast, Scott Ambler, IBM’s practice leader for Agile development discusses the Agile Scaling Model (ASM) and how it can help you define a roadmap for effective adoption and tailor agile practices to meet the unique challenges faced by your software and systems delivery team.

#91 IBM Rational introduces the New Power Family of Tools for Power Systems

Don YantziLinda ColeHear from Don Yantzi, Product Manager, about the new family of development tools for the Power Systems platform (IBM i and AIX) from IBM Rational. Find out how IBM Rational Developer for Power, the new Eclipse-based integrated development environment for IBM i and AIX, can help them be more productive. Find out how Rational Team Concert for Power can consolidate disparate change management platforms and improve team collaboration. Linda Cole Enablement Manager for Rational will present ways to get started and where to find eLearning materials.

#90 Paving the way to business value through successful software and systems planning

Walker RoyceHow do best-practice organizations achieve above average returns from their software and systems investments? They start with a plan that captures market and technical opportunities, and helps them to predict and manage their risk. Join IBM's Walker Royce and learn how to streamline planning, improve decision-making, and enforce more consistent, collaboration across the organization through architectural, technological and business planning techniques that allow IT to facilitate the critical business conversations and help the organization make decisions that satisfy the financial and technical needs, while delivering supporting existing capabilities and driving new innovations into the market.

#89 Experiences in reducing software rework through effective requirements management

George DecandioListen to this podcast to hear George DeCandio, IBM distinguished Engineer, share his experiences of reducing rework, errors and costs through effective requirements management.

#88 Mainframe Modernization

Scott SearleAs 2010 gets underway, many Chief Information Officers say ways to leverage and share valuable mainframe assets will be a top priority. IBM's Scott Searle, Program Director, Enterprise Modernization Products, shares results of a revealing CIO study IBM conducted in 2009. He also details how the CIO findings are driving a powerful approach to mainframe modernization at Rational, which blends the best of COBOL, Java, .NET, SOA and Governance.

December 2009 Rational podcasts

#87 Securing software at the source is good for quality

Ryan BergHear from Ryan Berg, Security Architect, IBM on how to promote secure software delivery starting in QA. Learn how to you ensure that security standards are met as part of your quality measures.

#86 Removing insecurity from outsourced development

Jack DahanyEspecially in tough economic times or where resources with requisite security skills are few, companies turn towards outsourcing for software development. Hear from Security Executive, Jack Danahy, of IBM's Rational Software Group explain why and how to hold your outsourced partners accountable to delivering secure code.

#85 Reduce, reuse, recycle: Jazz-based asset management made easy

Grant LarsenThe newest release of Rational Asset Manager (RAM) has been refactored to the Jazz platform to improve users' collaboration and governance of software assets. In this podcast, chief architect Grant Larsen explores how organizations are using RAM to harvest, locate, and govern any software asset, including reusable services, approved open source components, and purchased commercial assets.

#84 Manage, Measure and Improve your Agile Capabilities

Scott AmblerWhether you are just starting to adopt agile practices or expanding your adoption, Scott Ambler will discuss an approach that helps agile teams measure and iteratively improve their business processes. Find out how you can improve your process maturity by focusing on the core agile practices that matter most to you.

#83 Software delivery on the cloud

Michael FarlandMike Farland, Rational's Director of Worldwide Strategic Sales Initiatives, explores practical ways customers can leverage cloud deployment models to speed software delivery and reduce costs. Topics include: dynamics of cloud computing, cost of ownership models, security considerations, and key considerations of public and private clouds.

#82 What, Why and How of Application Security

Jack DanahyHear from Security Executive, Jack Danahy, of IBM’s Rational Software Group explain why application security is a critical priority for 2010 and beyond. He will highlight the drivers in the marketplace, define what application security encompasses, explain the business impact of developing an application security strategy, provide insight into how to get started on implementing an application security process, and give examples of best practices of a solid application security approach. Don’t wait to learn how an application security strategy and policy can mitigate risk and thus safeguard not only your company’s informational assets but also your bottom line and brand.

#81 10 reasons IBM has the best requirements-driven quality solution available today

Dave LockeIn this podcast, Dave Locke, IBM Rational's Worldwide Marketing Director, will discuss 10 reasons why IBM's requirements-driven quality solution is the best in the business and how these factors allow us to help our clients solve their business problems — in both the short and long term.

#80 Free Web 2.0 tool from IBM Rational software

Will SmytheEGL Community Edition™ is a free Eclipse-based tool that simplifies the development of rich Web 2.0 style applications. Learn more from Will Smythe, Product manager, how EGL CE dramatically accelerates development of JavaScript™ and Java™-based, rich Internet applications without needing to learn or program the intricacies of Ajax, JavaScript, REST, HTML, or XML.

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