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The power of innovation and competitive advantage

Whether your team needs to improve the profitability of a software intensive product or service, or improve your IT productivity and reduce overhead costs, the tools and know-how from IBM Rational can help you succeed. Some of the best minds in IBM Rational share their subject expertise and market insight into the latest trends and products through these resources. Stay informed—sign up for our RSS feeds.

2012 podcasts

#242 Announcing the IBM Mobile Development Lifecycle Solution

Design, develop, test and deliver high quality, cross-platform mobile enterprise applications
We believe customers will deliver better mobile applications by integrating, collaborating and optimizing the mobile development lifecycle. In this podcast, we will introduce our new offering providing the only comprehensive mobile development lifecycle solution currently in the market, combining ALM and MAP tooling.

#241 Service Virtualization for Mobile

Accelerating the delivery of mobile projects
Most mobile applications developed for the enterprise are distributed, involving a complex ballet between the development of the application for the mobile device, and the back-end supporting services or API. With both of these being developed simultaneously, how can we avoid late stage integration issues? Service virtualization can help. This podcast discusses the ways it can help and the pitfalls to watch out for when virtualizing APIs for mobile applications. Peter Cole, speaker.

#240 Rational Developer for Power 8.5.1, What You Need to Know.

What's new in Rational Developer for Power 8.5.1, and how do you get it?
What's new in Rational Developer for Power 8.5.1, and how do you get it? William (Bill) Smith, Product Manager, Rational Solutions for Power, discusses the new features in Rational Developer for Power 8.5.1, and how you can download this new functionality.

#239 Save money and trade your IBM i Green Screen development tools for modern IDE's

New ADTS trade up program saves money
Become more productive and save development dollars with our new Application Development Toolset trade up program and the new Application Management Toolset. Learn what you need to know to get your modern tools NOW. Bill Smith, speaker.

#238 Fueling the Next Generation of Innovation in Electronics

Deliver innovation on time and within budget with IBM Rational solutions for the electronics industry
Electronics fuel innovations in many industries. As a result, electronics firms are under constant pressure to deliver this innovation on time and within budget, while contending with rapidly changing technologies, increasing product complexity and strict compliance and safety standards. Additionally, firms must typically coordinate project tasks across a global marketplace with an international supply chain. To help meet these difficult challenges, IBM Rational offers a set of solutions and products for several electronics industry segments, including: semiconductors, medical devices, consumer electronics, network equipment providers, industrial automation and office products. This podcast will discuss the comprehensive set of capabilities IBM Rational provides for the electronics industry. Paridhi Verma, speaker.

#237 Meeting your FDA design control needs with requirements and change management

Bring smarter medical devices products to market with an integrated solution across the product development lifecycle
For most medical device companies, the design control requirements of the FDA, as defined in 21 CFR Part 820, are fundamental to the business of developing products. The challenge is how to ensure that you remain compliant to these regulatory needs while reducing the overhead in doing so. Ideally, you want to make compliance just part of "how we do business around here", and, in effect, invisible to the practitioners. This podcast will discuss approaches to make that possible. Marty Bakal and Paridhi Verma, speakers.

#236 Continuous integration and test virtualization in a mainframe world

Poor software quality is blamed for more major business problems than any other man-made product, and results in over 500 billion dollars of losses worldwide. Improving application quality is a high priority in virtually every industry. But traditional testing methods have become too costly and impractical to keep up with business demands due to the increasingly complex web of hardware, software and services. By automating the building and testing of z/OS application code in isolated environments using virtualized services, the IBM Continuous Integration Solution for System z helps significantly improve software quality while reducing delivery time and costs. Dave Myers and Cheri Bergeron, speakers.

#235 Differences between hardware and software co-design process in heavily and lightly regulated industries

Co-develop smarter products more efficiently, at a higher quality and lower cost
Heavily regulated industries like automotive, aerospace and defense, and medical devices face issues like requirements management and traceability across the lifecycle to meet regulatory needs. While for lightly regulated industries like Telecom and consumer electronics key issues are being able to reuse components from product to product as development time frames get shorter. These industries have to address these pain points through their entire supply chain in developing both hardware and software. This podcast will focus on IBM Rational solutions for development of hardware/software co-design. Marty Bakal and Paridhi Verma, speakers.

#234 Go Virtual When You Want to Test the Integration of SAP with dependent systems

James Hunter Join this Podcast to know how the virtualization of integrating SAP with dependant systems can help reduce the cost, time and efforts of SAP deployment before actually implementing that change.

#233 The Future of IBM Jazz

First conceived in 2005, the founders of IBM Jazz asked the question "Can we do for teams what Eclipse did for individual developers?" Today, our mission for Jazz remains strong: to transform software and systems delivery by making it more collaborative, productive and transparent. In this podcast we chat with John Wiegand and Dan Griffin for the Jazz team. They will describe where we are with Jazz, and where we are going in the coming months and years.

#232 When Agility is Required: CLM for Software Engineering with Complex Systems

New approaches for innovation in developing Smarter Products
Can successful Agile processes be incrementally adopted in highly regulated, complex systems and software development? Hear how companies are blending agile, iterative and more traditional development approaches. Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) enables Software Developers for embedded or complex systems manage rapid change and the challenges of complexity and innovation with an integrated lifecycle approach. The needs of Telecom, Energy and Utilities, and Electronics companies in rapidly changing industries will be addressed.

#231 Wizardry at your fingertips–Making tough decisions easier with predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics with IBM Rational
Did you ever wish you could have a wizard at your fingertips, to help you make tough program and project decisions easier? IBM develops technical wizardry and makes it more accessible. One of the ways we do this is by encapsulating difficult problems into models, which can then be made available to those who need solutions in a more consumable way. Learn how IBM Rational helps make tough program and project management decisions easier. Murray Cantor and Brian Nolan, speakers.

#230 IBM's Point of View: Is Early Performance Testing Really Valuable AND Viable?

Many organizations are neglecting to adopt a comprehensive performance testing process as it is too expensive or time consuming to measure the performance of business critical functionality prior to releasing to production. What if there was a way to test the performance of your applications before their release at a lower cost? Join Dennis Moya as he shares IBM's point of view with key messages delivered during the IBM webcast featuring Scott Barber, Performance Testing Thought Leader.

#229 Opening the mainframe to mobile devices

Mobile is not only one of the most exciting trends, but an inevitable one. And although most companies already have some type of a mobile strategy, to take it to the next level and offer those 5-star apps, they will have to extend to the back-end leveraging their databases and mainframe applications. This podcast highlights a few of the challenges and the unique solution that IBM offers which combines end-to-end application lifecycle management with both mobile and mainframe development features—all integrated together in one package. Leigh Williamson and Pam Induni, speakers.

#228 Generate business value with Portfolio Strategy and Management

Reduce waste and increase business value
Reduce waste and increase business value by helping customers make more informed investment and delivery choices. By providing the ability to rigorously assess the value of new investments, deployed applications and delivery projects, customers can ensure that they obtain the greatest return from their organization's resources. Listen to how IBM's business partner Decision Focus have helped organizations overcome some of their biggest challenges and how this has lead to that organizations could reach true business value. Jon Tollerup, speaker.

#227 What's New for Systems Engineering and Embedded Software Development

New approaches for innovation in developing Smarter Products
Hear the latest enhancements for the IBM Rational Solution for Systems and Software Engineering, including: Systems Engineering Metrics, Cross Lifecycle Reporting, Quality Management tool mentors for the OSLC DOORS - RQM integration, Linked Lifecycle Data and the solution benefits from new product releases. Andrew Foster and Sue Green, speakers.

#226 Help! I'm Drowning in Data and Complexity

Using Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager to Improve Product Development Efficiency
Join Ben Williams and Steve Shoaf as they discuss the challenges facing engineers developing today's smarter products, and how Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager can help tame complexity and promote innovation within product development environments.

#225 Kanban planning and risk management for leaner systems and software engineering

New approaches for innovation in developing Smarter Products
Hear how Kanban planning and risk management enhancements in IBM Rational Team Concert support systems engineering and embedded software development. Darcy Wiborg Weber and Sue Green, speakers.

#224 Resolve Deployment Bottleneck with Collaborative DevOps

Learn how IBM Rational solutions can reduce cost and time while increasing quality of deployed software
Collaborative DevOps bridges the gap between development and operations, extending agile techniques to resolve deployment bottlenecks. Learn how Rational software can help you reduce cost and time while increasing quality by automating the deployment on complex applications to the cloud.

#223 Cut The Cost and Complexity of Testing Mobile Applications, Not Quality

What if you could effectively manage the cost and complexity of testing your mobile application without compromising the quality of the result? Leigh Williamson, Distinguished IBM Engineer, shares the ways an effective mobile application testing strategy that balances the use of multiple forms of integrated test execution capabilities (e.g., test virtualization, test optimization, cloud) can help deliver better quality results. He also highlights the important role our partners can play to help accelerate this process for customers – faster, better, for less.

#222 3 Ways to Simplify your IT with Application Portfolio Management

As software plays an increasingly critical role in the business performance of corporations, IT faces considerable pressure to support new business initiatives while cutting costs. Over the last 30 years, billions of dollars have been invested in software applications, but typically these investments are poorly leveraged. Too often, a complex and poorly understood application portfolio consumes a large percentage of IT funds, leaving IT leaders challenged to find the funds needed for business innovation.

#221 Can a product truly be optimal? Hint: Yes, using systems engineering

What really is an optimal product? Depends on your point of view, right? The question is… optimal for what? High performance means high cost. Faster time to market might mean lower quality. How do you design a product that balances all of the competing constraints? Join Greg Gorman and Steve Shoaf as they discuss how systems engineering can help product developers understand the impact of design decisions on required business results.

#220 Speed Your Return on Investment for Collaborative Lifecycle Management

Faster, less costly and high quality software delivery can be yours! You'll need a collaborative environment that supports requirements, design, quality and software change and configuration management. And you can have it in one easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution that can be optimized for agile or waterfall teams. Learn all about IBM's solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management and the best practices, tool guidance, hands on workshops, and services to support your successful adoption! Kelli Houston, speaker.

#219 Research results: Challenges, trends and capabilities driving new approaches to developing embedded systems

Analyst research, conclusions and recommendations in Product and Systems Development
Organizations are evaluating new ways to gain additional engineering efficiencies — at both the Systems Engineering level and in Embedded Software development. In this podcast we will talk with VDC Research about their research results and recommendations on the changes and challenges that are driving a growing need for lifecycle management tools that can facilitate higher levels of collaboration and integration across the development lifecycle. Chris Rommel and Sue Green, speakers.

#218 5 best practices to develop 5 star mobile applications, Part 2

Design, develop, test and deliver high quality, cross-platform mobile enterprise applications
In this two-part podcast we will discuss the best practices and comprehensive set of capabilities for enterprise mobile application development and lifecycle management using an agile methodology. This tightly integrated solution—which leverages our open standards-based mobile application platform and ALM capabilities—delivers capabilities targeted at key mobile development lifecycle stages. Teams can use the solution to more easily support multi-tier mobile application development and to develop and deliver high-quality apps more rapidly, successfully and cost-efficiently. In the second part we discuss the best practices for developing mobile applications. Leigh Williamson and Paridhi Verma, speakers.

#217 5 best practices to develop 5 star mobile applications, Part 1

Design, develop, test and deliver high quality, cross-platform mobile enterprise applications
In this two-part podcast we will discuss the best practices and comprehensive set of capabilities for enterprise mobile application development and lifecycle management using an agile methodology. This tightly integrated solution—which leverages our open standards-based mobile application platform and ALM capabilities—delivers capabilities targeted at key mobile development lifecycle stages. Teams can use the solution to more easily support multi-tier mobile application development and to develop and deliver high-quality apps more rapidly, successfully and cost-efficiently. In the first part we discuss the challenges faced by application developers and IBM capabilities. Leigh Williamson and Paridhi Verma, speakers.

#216 Saving You Pain While You Save Lives

Saving You Pain While You Save Lives
Engineering medical devices is not an easy job. These devices include an increasing amount of software that integrates with hardware and electronics and need to meet changing healthcare needs and standards. This podcast will discuss how IBM Rational solution for medical devices provides tools to meet regulatory compliance with enhanced automation and reporting to avoid audits, lawsuits and company collapse, manage product complexity by integrate requirements and quality management and reduce time-to-market and cost by early defect detection and removal. Keith Collyer and Paridhi Verma, speakers.

#215 Agile for Dummies

Find out about the complete agile reference for both dummies and geniuses! Confused by all the agile advice? Relax! Join Matt Holitza, Agile Evangelist for IBM Rational, to find out about his new book, Agile for Dummies. He'll discuss some of the key takeaways from the book and talk about some of his observations on the state of agile adoption.

#214 Preview: Is Early Performance Testing Really Valuable AND Viable?

Many organizations are neglecting to adopt a comprehensive performance testing process as it is too expensive or time consuming to measure the stability and scalability of business critical functionality prior to releasing to production. What if there was a way to test the performance of your applications before deploying to production at a lower cost? Join Al Wagner as he offers insight for an upcoming webcast featuring Scott Barber, Performance Testing Thought Leader.

#213 Surviving an audit: Is your software development process ready?

Reduce the cost and risk of software development compliance
The thought of a software development process audit can literally send an organization into a frenzy as it is often costly and challenging to demonstrate compliance with complex and dynamic regulations. Learn how you can increase transparency and automate to save costs and reduce compliance risk—helping to alleviate the frenzy of software development process audits and greatly improve process integrity throughout the lifecycle. Cindy VanEpps and Nick Norris, speakers.

#212 China Government's outsourcing project with IBM Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management(CLM)

Solving common outsourcing challenges with effective application lifecycle management
Hear a brief overview of the China government's outsourcing project from IBM Rational CTO for AP, Tom Kamimura. China has created 100 software parks for outsourcing. IBM has worked with several parks and major outsourcing companies to create an outsourcing solution-as-a-service with CLM at the core. By adding capabilities to CLM, this solution deliver results with capabilities to better manage the statement of work and build a common understanding on requirements by "outsourcer" and "outsourcee."

#211 Achieve Greater Business Agility by Empowering your IT Organization

Enable rapid and cost effective responses to change
Business agility is the ability of a business to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to change or demands. One thing we know is that change is constant and how you respond to change can be either your competitive differentiator or demise! Listen to this podcast to learn how to empower your IT organization to help increase your business agility.

#210 Rational Team Concert Turns Four!

Be agile. Be lean. Work together.
The IBM Jazz platform for collaborative software delivery has come a long way since the initial launch of IBM Rational Team Concert. Today, Rolf Nelson, IBM Rational Team Concert product manager, discusses the innovations and benefits that have been achieved over the past year with new planning capabilities, new enterprise scalability options and more.

#209 Agile Systems Engineering—An Oxymoron?

Learn how to apply agile development principles to systems engineering
Agility isn't a word typically associated with product development processes, especially something as seemingly complex as systems engineering. But agile development principles aren't limited to software development. They can—and have been—applied to systems engineering. Join Doc Brown and Steve Shoaf as they discuss how agile systems engineering is indeed possible!

#208 Embedding agility in next generation system designs

Agile and iterative development has emerged as a leading way to increase flexibility and speed delivery in software development. Although such approaches have seen the most widespread adoption within the enterprise/IT domain, the desire to realize their benefits is not limited to this sector and can be successfully extended to areas as specialized as the embedded market. Hear from Chris Rommel of VDC Research and Bruce Powel Douglass of IBM Rational how and why agile can work in embedded development.

#207 Agile in the Enterprise: Yes you CAN!

If you love the idea of applying Agile practices in your large enterprise, but think you can't, think again. Richard Knaster has worked with enterprise customers around the world to help implement Agile methods.

#206 Using the System Architect Migration Toolkit to Migrate Your DoDAF 1.5 Models to DoDAF 2.0

Many IBM Rational System Architect users have an inventory of model assets in US Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF) version 1.5 and other sources. These model assets can be in DoDAF Classic, DoDAF ABM, in other models or in all these forms. Users in the DoD, the aerospace and defense industries have created and reused these model assets over an extended period of time for various projects. The DoD has issued a directive calling for the use of DoDAF version 2.0, making migration or rebuilding of these existing assets necessary. Recreating these modeling assets in DoDAF 2.0 can be a costly and time-consuming exercise and also may lead to loss of data during the transition. The System Architect Migration Toolkit is designed to reduce the cost and time needed for the migration. Chuck Faris, speaker.

#205 Meet the Authors Series – Part 1: Alan Brown on bringing agility and efficiency to the enterprise

The mainstream agile discussion focuses on the construction of straightforward software by small, co-located teams working in ideal conditions. Most teams deliver more complex products in more complex environments. How can agile principles be applied for these teams? Join Alan Brown, IBM Rational CTO for Europe as he shares key takeaways from his new book, Enterprise Software Delivery: Bringing Agility and Efficiency to the Global Software Supply Chain.

#204 Continuous Integration for Agile Embedded Software Development

Improve your business's bottom line with continuous integration
Software teams have benefited from Agile development methods in recent years. They have adopted practices based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. Learn how continuous integration can be employed in the context of embedded software development to improve a business's bottom line. Martin Bakal and Jennifer Althouse, speakers.

#203 Three keys to accelerating the delivery of mobile services

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are under pressure to deliver compelling services to their customers in order to reduce churn and at the same raise the average revenue per user. However the process from when a service is first conceived until it's actually deployed can be a very cumbersome process and a inhibitor to a CSP's success. This podcast will cover new and innovative ways for CSPs to accelerate the delivery of high generating mobile services. Scott Niemann, speaker.

#202 Model-Based Systems Engineering: Revolution or Evolution?

Listen to this podcast to learn what's new about model-based systems engineering (MBSE), and why it is considered a revolutionary concept. Presented by Barclay Brown, Global Solution Executive for Systems Engineering for IBM Rational.

#201 Virtualization — an essential component in a comprehensive testing framework

Rational software testing solutions can help customers challenged by the increasing cost of quality associated with developing and maintaining complex applications with integrations across multiple technologies and platforms. Using virtualization capabilities as part of a comprehensive testing framework can help speed software delivery reducing risk and rework and also the cost and effort of delivering test environments to improve the quality, visibility and predictability of project outcomes. Al Wagner, speaker.

#200 Announcing the IBM Continuous Integration Solution for System z

To assist in expediting mainframe application delivery via continuous integration and testing, IBM is introducing the IBM Continuous Integration Solution for System z (CIz). This is a complete solution for planning, automating, and monitoring application quality and testing, as well as linking testing to build and provisioning of application environments — as a seamless process. Clients can get better quality, faster — in some cases compressing the application delivery cycle from months to weeks or days, while reducing the cost of eliciting and repairing defects by up to 90%. In addition, automated mainframe testing can be performed at low-cost, using no mainframe development MIPS, by executing the tests on a x86-based z/OS environment. Dave Myers and Moshe Cohen, speakers.

#199 A new class of tools for developing, porting, and optimizing C/C++ applications for AIX

IBM Rational Developer for Power Systems
Hear from Bill Smith, Product Manager, about the capabilities of the latest release of Rational Developer for Power Systems Software for IBM i, AIX and Linux. Focus will be on a new class of workflow driven Advisor tools for porting and optimizing C and C++ applications for AIX.

#198 Accelerate the Quality, Delivery and Adoption of Mainframe Applications with RDz 8.5

Developing on System z is now simpler, smarter and better than ever.
IBM Rational has just updated Rational Developer for System z. Richard Szulweski and Stephen Henderson will discuss what's new with RDz and also what IBM is doing to help strengthen mainframe development.

#197 Addressing the needs of the Renewable Energy Generation industry

By meeting safety, security, and collaborative workflow and design compliance goals, utilities achieve their business goals.
Renewable energy generation takes many forms, where commercially viable forms include solar, wind, and arguably, nuclear energy. To achieve best results, deployment planning, plus, careful management of assets, requirements, and data are essential. Safety and security concerns are major components of regulatory compliance, while design standards evolve into a set of best practices addressed by Rational's solution for Energy and Utilities. Irv Badr, speaker.

#196 Collaborative Lifecycle Management on Cloud

Collaborate and Synchronize across globally distributed teams
Is your software delivery process too expensive and too time-consuming? Does it provide poor visibility across distributed teams? There is a solution: the IBM Rational Software solutions available on the cloud offer an agile, flexible cloud computing model, helping you simplify and streamline your operation so delivery teams can work faster — no matter where they are. Steve Weaver and Steve Huntington, speakers.

#195 Overcoming the challenge of power transmission and distribution with Rational software

By meeting safety, collaborative workflow and design compliance goals, utilities achieve their business goals
More and more utilities are recognizing the need for transforming their business processes and technical solutions, such as smart meter data management, simultaneously, in order to achieve their new business goals. Leveraging Rational's integrated solution, utilities can realistically transform their processes and technologies with little disruption, and minimized risk. Irv Badr, speaker.

#194 Moving the Software Development Lifecycle to the Cloud

Provide Application Lifecycle Management Capabilities as a Service on the Cloud
Traditionally, challenges such as high labor and capital costs for infrastructure and software, long development cycles and a greater risk for inefficiencies reduce the ability of IT organizations to get the most from their development teams. Learn how cloud can be used to transform software delivery, and how best practices for software development in the cloud can help IT organizations become more agile and flexible. Steve Weaver, speaker.

#193 Scan and protect: Adopting an integrated approach to web application threats

Web applications account for almost 40 percent of vulnerability disclosures; this makes them a popular vector for attack. Scanning in-house and third party applications throughout the development process can uncover critical vulnerabilities, but it takes time to address flaws that are found. Paul Kaspian, Market Segment Manager, Network Security, and Karl Snider, Market Segment Manager, Application Security, discuss the merits of adopting a multi-layered defense strategy for web applications, combining application security testing with real-time protection.

#192 Transform now! Modernize and optimize your core financial services systems

Develop the agility required to plan and execute portfolio and business strategies to reduce complexity and operating costs
A recent IBM global survey shows that nearly 90% of financial organizations believe that transforming from the status quo is critical to profitability. Financial institutions are looking to achieve greater value in the form of improved services, increased client satisfaction, and reduced complexity though modernizing technologies and processes. Hear about the strategies to incrementally and continuously modernize with reduced risk; providing a roadmap to achieving greater value and performance from your IT investments. Valerie Hamilton, speaker.

#191 Security Intelligence at the Endpoint

The modern heterogeneous IT environment has an increasing number of endpoints -- each with unique security requirements -- due to the widespread adoption of mobile, virtual and cloud technologies. All of these endpoints provide tangible business value and act as gateways to a vault of business information; therefore, they must be secured. This podcast discusses the importance of security intelligence at the endpoint and how an integrated approach to endpoint security helps reduce business operation costs. Nick Harlow and Tom Cross, speakers.

#190 Accelerating SAP Deployments with IBM Rational

Are you under constant pressure to implement SAP enhancements faster and to keep up with business demands in the face of SAP upgrades and maintenance efforts? Listen to this podcast to hear how IBM Rational can help accelerate your SAP deployments implementation and maintenance at lower cost. Can you optimize your SAP deployments to achieve these results? -- Reduction in costs by 40-80%. -- 40% timeline reduction. -- Up to 70% automation within 90 days. -- Reduce SAP time to go live by 50%. -- Reduce testing time by 60% percent. Know how in this podcast. IBM's Brian Yarow and Worksoft's Rick Thorn, speakers.

#189 Reduce Errors with Continuous Delivery

Deploy Complex applications to the Cloud with IBM Rational and IBM Tivoli software
Over 30% of all defects in production applications are caused by poor configuration of hardware, middleware or software. Learn how IBM solutions such as Rational Team Concert and IBM SmartCloud Provisioning can help with continuous delivery of complex applications to the cloud. Steve Weaver and Daniel Berg, speakers.

#188 Application Onboarding for Expert Integrated Systems

Migrate applications to integrated optimized systems seamlessly
IBM has recently announced new integrated optimized systems. Migrate existing supported applications into these systems with ease. The migration expertise built into these systems involves understanding the design of the existing application, encapsulating its configuration and data into a package, and then importing that package into the environment. You are not required to separately buy, install, and configure a separate migration tool, saving you time and increasing the quality of your deployed applications. Steve Weaver and Robbie Minshall, speakers.

#187 Expert Integrated Systems: defining a new category, and Rational is ready!

IBM's next generation platform
The time has come for a new class of systems: systems with integrated expertise that combine the flexibility of a general purpose system, the elasticity of cloud and the simplicity of an appliance, namely IBM's Expert Integrated Systems. Randy Newell and Steve Weaver discuss the application development solutions that complement Expert Integrated Systems, including IBM's collaborative application lifecycle management solution to help you deliver quality software and services faster through better team collaboration, automation and governance across platforms.

#186 Accelerate System z software delivery with IBM's Integrated Solution for System z Development

The pressure to innovate and offer faster delivery, coupled with tight budgets is driving IT to explore fundamental transformations in software delivery. For System z development organizations, this may seem particularly daunting, due to portfolios that are decades old, mission critical applications that are enhanced and maintained with traditional, 3270-based tools. Discover how IBM's Integrated Solution for System z Development can help you optimize your System z development tools, processes, and infrastructure. Alisa Morse, speaker.

#185 Realizing more value from your IMS compiler upgrade

Upgrade to the latest compilers when you upgrade to the latest IMS
System z compilers continue to deliver the latest programming interfaces to middleware to facilitate application integration, interoperability, and modernization. Hear from Roland Koo, Product manager for Rational compilers and Maria G. Querales, Product Manager, IMS, why it is important to stay current on COBOL, PL/I and C/C++ compiler technologies when upgrading to the latest IMS. Learn about compiler features that can help your developers become more productive with IMS applications.

#184 Realizing more value from your DB2 compiler upgrade

Upgrade to COBOL V4 when you upgrade to DB2 V9/V10
System z compilers continue to deliver the latest programming interfaces to middleware to facilitate application integration, interoperability, and modernization. Hear from Penny Scharfman, IBM Rational Segment manager, Power and Compilers and Chris Crone, IBM Distinguished Engineer, DB2 for z/OS Development, why it is important to stay current on COBOL, PL/I, and C/C++ compilers when upgrading to DB2 V9/V10. Learn about compiler features that can help your developers become more productive with DB2 applications.

#183 Realizing more value from your CICS COBOL upgrade

Upgrade to COBOL V4 when you upgrade to CICS V4
System z compilers continue to deliver the latest programming interfaces to middleware to facilitate application integration, interoperability, and modernization. Hear from Roland Koo, Product manager for Rational compilers and Matt Whitbourne, Business Manager for CICS, why it is important to stay current on COBOL, PL/I and C/C++ compiler technologies when upgrading to CICS V4. Learn about compiler features that can help your developers become more productive when using CICS applications.

#182 Preview: Boosting Software Quality and Development Agility

Speed cycle time with integration testing and application virtualization
The increasing cost of quality and development complexity while balancing quality and speed has become extremely challenging for software projects. Development teams are delivering applications faster which is driving a need for change in the world of testing. Listen to this podcast and get a preview on how the world of testing is changing and what solutions are available today to help. Register for the upcoming thought leadership webcast, "Boost software quality and development agility" to learn more about how technologies such as virtualization and the cloud enable continuous integration testing much earlier in the development cycle. Al Wagner, speaker.

#181 Social Business for software development teams

Bringing the power of social software to software development teams provides many new collaboration capabilities that allow you to identify, connect with, and exchange ideas with a wide community of business and technical stakeholders, partners, and end users. For example you can find out what's happening in your community, blogs, wikis, and activities; search for contacts based on their experience, skills, or key relationships and publish key developer activities to the wider community. Mac Guidera and Rolf Nelson, speakers.

#180 OVUM and IBM on System Engineering

Software is not only changing the nature of products, but across many product industry sectors, it is arguably accounting for the lion's share of innovation. This has placed great stress on the systems engineering process. Listen to a preview of a webcast with Tony Baer, Senior Analyst at Ovum Software, and Dominic Tavossoli, Director of Marketing at IBM, as they discuss the challenges and solutions that product engineering organizations must address as they become more software-driven. Moderated by Steve Shoaf of IBM Rational Marketing.

#179 IBM's point of view: How Google Tests Software

The future of testing
Serge Lucio, IBM Rational, introduces listeners to James Whittaker, Test Director of Google and Thought Leader, as he shares his thoughts on how the world of software testing is changing, how Google is moving forward adopting change, and how IBM is moving forward to embrace this change.

#178 Government by Design: A strategic planning approach for government

Government by design is the application of strategic planning to provide a comprehensive view of the entire government agency. Repeatable processes help analyze the portfolio of capabilities and resources relating to their strategy and priorities; capture the current state of programs, services and technology and; identify the gaps between what exists and what is needed. The Government by Design approach leverages information to create a plan producing the best outcomes for your organization and citizens. Tammy Kulesa and Jim Amsden, speakers.

#177 Reduce vulnerabilities in your SAP business applications

Building on its recent addition of Cobol scanning capabilities, IBM announced its partnership with a leading provider of SAP ABAP security scanning tools, Virtual Forge. In this podcast IBM and Virtual Forge will describe the capabilities of their combined offering, including use cases, success stories and how to get started. Markus Schumacher and Andy Bochman, speakers.

#176 Enterprise Management and its significance in transformation of the utilities industry

Irv Badr Managing the enterprise is vital towards transforming the utilities industry
Most utilities are undergoing changes in their business process and enterprise management area, in order to offer fully integrated data and information across customers, municipalities, and, the utilities themselves. An example is the electric industry, where a set of best practices are prompted through a set of standards from IEC, SGIP, and other agencies. IEC CIM is a set of Electrical energy standards based on modeling of the data and information related to the Smart Grid. Inherent with data-centric design standards such as the IEC CIM, are a set of Business Architecture and Processes which need to be managed in conjunction with technical standards, in order to achieve success in the journey towards transformation. Irv Badr, speaker.

#175 Object Management Group's TelcoML - example of a mobile communications API

Irv Badr New standard leading to best practices for the Communications Industry
Many existing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), such as the GSMA OneAPI, define commonly supported set of lightweight and Web friendly interfaces to support mobile development, in an operator agnostic manner. With TelcoML delivery teams can build a component library of OneAPI objects, which are enabled for deployment in devices and operator networks alike. TelcoML provides a modeling view of the API, resulting in greatly improved time to market and superior mobile services and applications. Irv Badr, speaker.

Innovate 2012 podcasts

Innovate 2012: Next - Now! An IBM Innovate conference update

Get the latest news on all of the activities IBM and Rational have planned for the Innovate 2012 user conference. Brian Bryson, Innovate conference manager, will cover all aspects of the event from the keynote speakers and technical content, to networking opportunities and entertainment activities. If you want the inside track on what's NEXT for IBM Innovate, listen to this podcast NOW.

Innovate 2012: Leveraging Cloud Computing to transform software delivery

Learn how the Cloud Development and Deployment track at Innovate 2012 can help transform your software delivery process.
The Cloud Development and Deployment focuses on leveraging the cloud to deliver development and test environments; collaborate across IT teams to accelerate delivery and deployment of software services; and to drive new business value through innovative offerings and services. This track is for anyone interested in cloud computing as a way to reduce operational and capital expenses, reduce development and test cycle times, and improve overall quality and time to market. Steve Weaver, speaker.

Innovate 2012: Quality Management - What's NOW and What's NEXT in Testing!

IBM advises how to assure successful use virtualization in testing activities.
Learn more about this year's exciting Quality Management track at Innovate 2012. Mix and match sessions choosing from the many interesting topics regardless of whether you are looking for general information to advanced technical detail! And, if you haven't heard, IBM recently acquired Green Hat. Attend one of the many sessions focusing on the Green Hat technology or stop by the booth to learn more on how this technology is redefining the future of testing. Al Wagner, speaker.

Innovate 2012 for System z Customers

Hear Alisa Morse and Pam Induni share highlights for our System z customers about the Innovate 2012 conference.
Come explore how Enterprise Modernization solutions from IBM can help you: identify and modernize key System z applications, attract new talent with modern tools, speed up development and deployment time, unify disparate teams across all platforms, and exploit multiplatform architectures through application modernization and the latest compiler technologies.

Innovate 2012: Transform your IT processes with Collaborative Development and Operations

Learn how the Collaborative Development and Operations track at Innovate 2012 can help you take collaboration across teams to the next level.
Are you missing windows of opportunity for adopting new and innovative business solutions? Does a lack of collaboration and poor visibility across your IT organizations keep you from achieving your business objectives? The Collaborative Development and Operations track details best practices for aligning development and operations, including: collaboration and communication strategy, process integration and automation, 'pre-release to production' application performance optimization, and cooperative problem lifecycle management. Steve Weaver, speaker.

Innovate 2012: Enterprise Architecture and Portfolio Management

Managing the impact of business-driven change
Effectively connecting strategic goals with key initiatives, and translating these into prioritized projects, is critical to business success. In order to create these connections, organizations need to break down information silos. The resulting transformation helps improve decision making through superior analysis, planning and execution of change. In this podcast, we examine how Portfolio Management and Enterprise Architecture solutions provide key capabilities for driving value and managing the impact of business-driven change. We also discuss how a collaborative platform can help the entire organization communicate, prioritize, plan, share and govern activities, projects, applications, infrastructure and products. Johan Hedström, speaker.

Innovate 2012: Best practices and tools for next generation software

Discover why Innovate 2012 is critical to your success as a developer, with insights, training and much more.
It is said that developers rule when it comes to the software that drives today's most innovative products and solutions. At Innovate 2012, explore real-world examples and receive training on the state of the art tools that enable developers to more efficiently design, develop, test and deploy quality software and systems to meet the most demanding of customer needs. Discover what's NEXT and how IBM is driving it NOW in this podcast with curriculum managers, Matt Holitza and Neil Patterson, speakers.

Innovate 2012: Smarter Computing with IBM i, AIX and Linux on Power

Hear from Roland Koo and Susan Yoskin on why the IBM Innovate 2012 conference is a must-attend event for clients with IBM i, AIX or Linux on Power. At Innovate 2012, you will have an opportunity to network with over 4,000 software and systems experts and peers, hear exciting keynotes from the IBM senior executive team and our customers, and attend the dedicated Power Track sessions. Use the on-line Agenda Builder tool to customize your experience.

Innovate 2012: Systems and Software Engineering

Hear from Meg Selfe, Vice President of Complex and Embedded Systems, on the exciting content we've got lined up for our Systems Engineers and Embedded Software Developers during Innovate 2012. Meg will outline our new and expanded systems content, special events and not to be missed educational and technical opportunities. Meg will also highlight the increasing importance of systems and software engineering in successful product development and how Rational is supporting this trend with our commitment to openness, expanded partner ecosystem and through new product developments.

Innovate 2012: 5 Ways to "Get Agile" at Innovate!

Adopt Agile practices and scale them as you grow
IBM Rational is "getting Agile" in a whole new way at Innovate 2012. Our new Agile Transformation Track features 50+ sessions on Agile adoption, scaling techniques, and experiences from real-world Agile teams at world-class companies. Learn the latest trends from industry experts like Mary Poppendieck, Scott Ambler and Alan Brown, and get answers to your questions from Agile coaches. Listen to this podcast so you don't miss a moment of the Agile action! Cheri Bergeron, speaker.

Innovate 2012: Getting from design to done faster--best practices and the latest Lifecycle Solutions!

Keep your competitive edge! Be more innovative, faster and better.
Be innovative and be fast or watch your competition announce that next great product of service ahead of you! And do it while managing the high costs of disconnected software development. At the Innovate 2012 Lifecycle Solutions track learn what's new and how forward-thinking organizations are reducing costs and optimizing productivity with better collaboration across teams and multi-platforms with effective application lifecycle management capabilities built on the unifying, open, extensible Jazz platform. Jennifer Moore, speaker.

Innovate 2012: Accelerating Mobile Application Development

Reduce time-to-market and cost of application development and deployment
Mobile computing is and will continue to grow at exponential rates. The explosion in mobile data and applications growth is a phenomenon that touches many industries. Although some aspects of mobile applications development are the same as that of traditional software, mobile development has many unique aspects. Join the mobile application track at Innovate and accelerate your mobile application development across multiple platforms by reducing time-to-market and cost of application development and deployment. Paridhi Verma and Albert Ho, speakers.