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#182 Preview: Boosting Software Quality and Development Agility

Speed cycle time with integration testing and application virtualization
The increasing cost of quality and development complexity while balancing quality and speed has become extremely challenging for software projects. Development teams are delivering applications faster which is driving a need for change in the world of testing. Listen to this podcast and get a preview on how the world of testing is changing and what solutions are available today to help. Register for the upcoming thought leadership webcast, “Boost software quality and development agility” to learn more about how technologies such as virtualization and the cloud enable continuous integration testing much earlier in the development cycle. Al Wagner, speaker.

#181 Social Business for software development teams

Bringing the power of social software to software development teams provides many new collaboration capabilities that allow you to identify, connect with, and exchange ideas with a wide community of business and technical stakeholders, partners, and end users. For example you can find out what‘s happening in your community, blogs, wikis, and activities; search for contacts based on their experience, skills, or key relationships and publish key developer activities to the wider community. Mac Guidera and Rolf Nelson, speakers.

#180 OVUM and IBM on System Engineering

Software is not only changing the nature of products, but across many product industry sectors, it is arguably accounting for the lion‘s share of innovation. This has placed great stress on the systems engineering process. Listen to a preview of a webcast with Tony Baer, Senior Analyst at Ovum Software, and Dominic Tavossoli, Director of Marketing at IBM, as they discuss the challenges and solutions that product engineering organizations must address as they become more software-driven. Moderated by Steve Shoaf of IBM Rational Marketing.

#179 IBM‘s point of view: How Google Tests Software

The future of testing
Serge Lucio, IBM Rational, introduces listeners to James Whittaker, Test Director of Google and Thought Leader, as he shares his thoughts on how the world of software testing is changing, how Google is moving forward adopting change, and how IBM is moving forward to embrace this change.

#178 Government by Design: A strategic planning approach for government

Government by design is the application of strategic planning to provide a comprehensive view of the entire government agency. Repeatable processes help analyze the portfolio of capabilities and resources relating to their strategy and priorities; capture the current state of programs, services and technology and; identify the gaps between what exists and what is needed. The Government by Design approach leverages information to create a plan producing the best outcomes for your organization and citizens. Tammy Kulesa and Jim Amsden, speakers.

#177 Reduce vulnerabilities in your SAP business applications

Building on its recent addition of Cobol scanning capabilities, IBM announced its partnership with a leading provider of SAP ABAP security scanning tools, Virtual Forge. In this podcast IBM and Virtual Forge will describe the capabilities of their combined offering, including use cases, success stories and how to get started. Markus Schumacher and Andy Bochman, speakers.

#176 Enterprise Management and its significance in transformation of the utilities industry

Irv Badr Managing the enterprise is vital towards transforming the utilities industry
Most utilities are undergoing changes in their business process and enterprise management area, in order to offer fully integrated data and information across customers, municipalities, and, the utilities themselves. An example is the electric industry, where a set of best practices are prompted through a set of standards from IEC, SGIP, and other agencies. IEC CIM is a set of Electrical energy standards based on modeling of the data and information related to the Smart Grid. Inherent with data-centric design standards such as the IEC CIM, are a set of Business Architecture and Processes which need to be managed in conjunction with technical standards, in order to achieve success in the journey towards transformation. Irv Badr, speaker.

#175 Object Management Group‘s TelcoML - example of a mobile communications API

Irv Badr New standard leading to best practices for the Communications Industry
Many existing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), such as the GSMA OneAPI, define commonly supported set of lightweight and Web friendly interfaces to support mobile development, in an operator agnostic manner. With TelcoML delivery teams can build a component library of OneAPI objects, which are enabled for deployment in devices and operator networks alike. TelcoML provides a modeling view of the API, resulting in greatly improved time to market and superior mobile services and applications. Irv Badr, speaker.

#174 Applying IBM‘s best practices to deliver the TM Forum‘s Frameworx compliant systems

Scott Niemann Delivering effective TM Forum Frameworx compliant solutions
Complexity within a Communication Service Provider can lead to difficult collaboration among business and IT, causing them to miss the mark with products and services that don’t meet business goals. Increase collaboration through actionable enterprise architecture through IBM Rational solutions. Scott Niemann, speaker.

#173 A New Era in Change Management

Steve Speicher This podcast will discuss a new approach to systems and software development that transforms the way organizations manage change across the life cycle to make it more transparent, flexible and efficient. We will explore how the adoption of an open, uniform approach to commercial systems and software development, as well as the dynamic integration of project management capabilities with change management, can dramatically raise the bar on collaboration and productivity. Steve Speicher, speaker.

#171 Sandboxes are not just for kids!

Susan Yoskin Playing in a sandbox has never been more rewarding
Have you ever wondered how you can try IBM Rational products anytime, anyplace and anywhere at no cost? It’s easy. Through hands-on participation, guided walk-thru and the use of live, running System z and Power Systems (IBM i, AIX, Linux) development scenarios and solutions, our Enterprise Modernization Sandboxes help you experience and evaluate IBM® Enterprise Modernization solutions for the System z™ and Power Systems™ platforms. Susan Yoskin, speaker.

#170 The keys to extended team involvement in software and systems design

Adeel Omer Neil Patterson Building consensus around design
Your team is bigger than you think! The extended team of subject matter experts is needed to provide insights and feedback on designs to make sure your solutions satisfy customer needs and deliver the expected quality. Everyone from customers to internal experts are stakeholders with points of view that are invaluable from the early stages of development. Discover how Rational Software Architect and Rational Rhapsody with Design Manager can help drive consensus on designs across this extended team. Adeel Omer and Neil Patterson, speakers.

#169 10 Things I hate about ALM – Part 3

Eric Long Ease the pain and make sense out of complex software delivery with integrated requirements, quality and test
Learn about the benefits that tapping into the powerful multiplier effect an integrated, lifecycle approach to requirements driven quality provides by linking, tracing, relating and manipulating across the lifecycle. Benefits that can help deliver better quality solutions and value that cut your risk and cost of software delivery, not results. Eric Long, speaker.

#168 Five Application Lifecycle Management Imperatives for Successful Global Software Development

Andy Detandt Carolyn Pampino If you have ever worked on a software development project and wondered how you can eliminate those endless project replans, this podcast is for you.
Ever worked on a software development project and wondered how you can eliminate those endless project replans? Andy Detandt, Resource Manager at Lender Processing Services, and Carolyn Pampino, Program Director for Strategic Offerings focused on IT Software Delivery at IBM, introduce in this podcast five key imperatives for ALM and briefly discuss how these imperatives can be used to ensure success for ALM in a collaborative environment. To learn more details we suggest you also register for the supporting webcast.

#167 What‘s New in Solutions for building smarter products and systems?

Andrew Foster Sue Green New systems engineering and embedded software solutions for Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense Industries
Achieving compliance with new industry standards is critical in industries delivering safety critical systems - including medical devices, automobiles, airplanes and defense systems. Co-development of hardware and software increases efficiency and quality. IBM‘s solution for building complex and embedded systems now provides industry specific content to help companies realize these goals. Andrew Foster and Sue Green, speakers.

#166 Hear what’s new in Rational Developer for Power and the COBOL for AIX compiler

William Smith Roland Koo IBM Rational introduces new functionality
Hear from Bill Smith, Product Manager for Rational Tools for Power, about the new functionality in the latest release of Rational Developer for Power Systems Software for IBM i, AIX and Linux for Power. He will also introduce the new migration and porting rules framework. Roland Koo, Product Manager for Compilers, will present the new performance and productivity enhancements in the COBOL for AIX 4.1.1 compiler.

#165 Increasing Systems Engineering agility with Jazz collaboration and change management

Sue Green New systems engineering and embedded software solutions for electronics, automotive, aerospace and defense industries
A new approach is needed to address rapid change and growing complexity in developing modern electronics, cars, planes and medical devices. Establishing a cross-lifecycle hub for collaboration, planning and change management is helping companies increase agility in their Systems Engineering processes. Hear how this makes a difference, and what companies that develop everything from planes to medical devices are doing to get started with agile planning and processes. Also learn how the Jazz Collaboration Platform is helping companies increase agility and unify the development lifecycle with the Rational solution for systems and software engineering.

#164 Agile. Everywhere. Insure your Agile success.

Kim Werner Liz Parnell Agile in Healthcare? Yes we can!
Agile turns 10 this year! Since its advent in 2001, Agile practices have transformed the way software is built and delivered. Please take a few minutes to join Kim Werner, Agile Coach from ATSC and Liz Parnell, Solution Design Manager from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) and learn how BCBSNC adopted a few Agile techniques, some good coaching, and implemented IBM Rational Jazz tools to reduce time to market, lower costs, and continue marching along the CMMI, SOX, PHI, and HIPAA compliance path.

#162 How Security Is Well Suited for Agile Development

Patrick Vandenberg For years the software development community has increasingly embraced an iterative and incremental methodology for software development -- Agile. It has driven significant business value through faster, more responsive features and functionality based on market and client demand. What does this development method mean for the an intrinsically process dependent security requirement? Is it possible to develop applications using Agile practices and yet retain a high level of software security assurance? Patrick Vandenberg, speaker.

#161 Systems Engineering For Dummies

Steve Shoaf How systems engineering can help you develop smart, connected products
"Systems Engineering For Dummies," IBM Limited Edition, explains what systems engineering is and how it can help you harness the complexity inherent in developing smart, connected products associated with industrial sector industries. This podcast introduces the book and outlines who might benefit from reading it. Steve Shoaf, speaker.

#160 Hot off the press! All new Rational Automation Framework and Rational Build Forge

Elissa Redmiles Jesse Alva Streamline devops and simplify your build and deploy
Discover what‘s new in the all-new Rational Automation Framework solution with new pricing and packaging, and a host of new features, while Rational Build Forge marches on with a new release and significant enhancements. Rational‘s software delivery automation solutions have led the market in helping software delivery teams streamline their builds, and manage the configuration and deployment of applications to target middleware solutions. Elissa Redmiles and Jesse Alva, speakers.

#159 IBM helps Financial Services clients meet their compliance needs

AnnMarie Stenglein IBM is uniquely positioned to help financial institutions dramatically reduce the costs and risks of compliance management and meet the compliance needs of regulations, such as Dodd-Frank, Basel III and Solvency II. Please watch the webcast titled: IBM helps financial services clients meet Compliance needs. AnnMarie Stenglein, speaker.

#158 Best Practices for Communications Service Providers when deploying new services

Irv Badr Translate cost savings into competitive advantage
Communications Service Providers CSP need to overcome the challenge of delivering innovative services at minimum cost while maintaining a positive customer experience. A series of best practices aimed at minimizing time-to-market through the use of requirements and feature management, Service Oriented Architecture and performance testing proves vital in the successful delivery of CSP services. Irv Badr, speaker.

#157 Bridging the gap between Business and Engineering in Product Development

Aravind Madhavan One of the biggest challenges that companies in the business of product development face is the gap that exists between business and engineering departments. Bridging this gap between these two cultures is very important. How can you improve the collaboration between these two cultures which often have diverse and distributed teams? Listen to this podcast to find out how IBM can help you build the linkage between business strategy and technical execution in your quest to build successful products. Aravind Madhavan, speaker.

#156 IEC 62304 Compliance for Medical Device Software Development

Martin Bakal Bruce Douglass Challenges and opportunities for the medical device industry
This podcast will take a deeper dive into IEC 62304 to identify key steps, best practices, and best of breed integrated tooling to help companies conform to IEC 62304 on the way to FDA and international approval of their medical device. Martin Bakal and Bruce Douglass, speakers.

#155 Improving the effectiveness of Government IT Programs

Tamara Kulesa Bruce Baron In these tough economic times, all government agencies are required to cut their costs, reduce future spending on IT and get smart. Join to hear IBM experts discuss successful strategies for helping Government organizations achieving the cost cutting goal and enabling smarter government.

#154 Business Planning and Transformation

David Spade Steve Shoaf Nicole Katrana Product management and global optimization of process and organization
Business Planning and Transformation: Have you made the right investments? Do you have the best process in place? How about your technology investments? Learn how IBM is helping companies align business objectives with engineering capabilities through a combination of industry best practices and technology. David Spade, Steve Shoaf and Nicole Katrana, speakers.

#153 What is Product Line Engineering?

Greg Gorman Nicole Katrana How IBM is helping companies build smarter products and product lines
IBM Rational offers an integrated life cycle solution for variation management while providing technology, best practices and tools to design, develop and deliver a product line in a more efficient and automated fashion. Greg Gorman and Nicole Katrana, speakers.

#152 Product Support

Pierre Coyne Nicole Katrana Aligning product lifecycle and support functions for continual improvement
As physical products become increasingly digital in design, producers of smarter products must consider how to better integrate product lifecycle, and support functions to ensure ongoing product quality and performance and capitalize on new opportunities for product innovation and revenue growth. Learn how IBM’s Insight and Product Innovation solutions and integrations can help! Pierre Coyne and Nicole Katrana, speakers.

#151 Lifecycle Collaboration

Christophe Begue Nicole Katrana Process and Insight and Product Innovation
Creating a pipeline of innovative products and services—the “building blocks” of smarter solutions—at lower cost and risk means manufacturers must innovate, collaborate, and optimize in order to thrive in today’s competitive market. They must do so at every step of their enterprise processes—at the design phase, the operations phase and the services phase. Christophe Begue and Nicole Katrana, speakers.

#150 UPDM 2.0

Graham Bleakley Brian Nolan A UML/SysML implementation of DoDAF 2.0 and MODAF 1.2 for military architectures
This podcast provides an up to the date overview of the new UPDM 2.0 profile, a background of MoDAF and DoDAF, an understanding of changes underway and tools that can help you to connect the lifecycle from Enterprise Architecture to Software. Graham Bleakely and Brian Nolan, speakers.

#149 Products and Systems Development

Steve Shoaf Nicole Katrana Designing, delivering and managing product value and differentiation
Smarter products are the building blocks of a smarter planet, but how do you make smarter products better and faster than your competition? Companies require product and systems development capabilities that can balance the trade-offs between product features, quality, time- to-market and profitability. IBM calls its set of capabilities for building smarter products insight and product (IPI). Steve Shoaf and Nicole Katrana, speakers.

#147 Six Ways to Accelerate Android Mobile Application Development

Martin Bakal Creating an integrated solution for collaboration among development teams
Android Smartphones and other mobile and interconnected devices are rapidly growing in popularity. In this podcast we will show ways to accelerate Android mobile application development using the IBM Rational platform for software and systems development and requirements management. Six key functions will be discussed to address these emerging challenges. Martin Bakal, speaker.

#146 Software Econometrics: Challenging assumptions about software delivery - Part 2

Neil Ward-Dutton Walker Royce Second in a special two-part podcast sub-series with Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director at MWD Advisors and IBM Chief Softare Economist, Walker Royce. We‘ve all heard the hype about ‘agile‘ software delivery, but to what extent are the implications of agility in software really understood? What does it mean to deliver quality in today‘s software systems, and how does that need to be reflected in the development and delivery of software today?

#145 Software Econometrics: Challenging assumptions about software delivery - Part 1

Neil Ward-Dutton Walker Royce First in a special two-part podcast sub-series with Neil Ward-Dutton, Research Director at MWD Advisors and IBM Chief Softare Economist, Walker Royce. We‘ve all heard the hype about ‘agile‘ software delivery, but to what extent are the implications of agility in software really understood? What does it mean to deliver quality in today‘s software systems, and how does that need to be reflected in the development and delivery of software today?

#144 Effectively developing automotive E/E systems

Brett Hillhouse How the IBM Rational Software Platform for Automotive Systems fuels your innovation
Automotive manufacturer and suppliers worldwide are putting a greater emphasis on E/E engineering and E/E process and data management. In this podcast we’ll discuss how the IBM Rational Software Platform for Automotive Systems enables automotive manufacturers and their supplier to more effectively develop E/E systems. Brett Hillhouse, speaker.

#142 Collaborative Development and Operations

Gina Poole Scott Hebner A conversation with IBM Software Executives
Successful businesses are those that use software for competitive advantage. In doing so, those same organizations face new challenges as they strive to be responsive in reacting to a highly dynamic business environment. IBM solutions give customers with a competitive edge by enabling better collaboration between development and operations and providing a path to increased innovation, better business agility, and effective and integrated management across the entire software and services life cycle. Marketing vice-presidents, Gina Poole, Rational software and Scott Hebner, Tivoli software share their views on the significance of collaborative development and operations.

#141 Model-based testing in smart product development

Udo Brockmeyer Validating a smart meter device using model-based testing
Model-based testing is a way to raise test and verification productivity to keep pace with the rapid innovation required for today‘s smart products. This podcast looks at how model-based testing delivered success for a smart power meter development project. Dr. Udo Brockmeyer, speaker.

#140 Systems & Software Engineering Practices – Unleash the Potential!

Andrew Foster Sue Green Applying executable processes and methods
When companies are looking for ways to improve the consistency, robustness, and efficiency of their product development cycle, drawing upon industry derived best practices can offer a significant competitive advantage. IBM discusses a solution for companies developing complex products that are seeking proven best practices, automation, and instant access to process guidance. Andrew Foster and Sue Green, speakers.

#137 A Focus on Software & Systems Engineering: Ensuring Quality

Mark Lefebvre One of a series of podcasts from IBM experts on the challenges of software and systems engineering and how IBM can help
Looking to improve the quality of your products but not at the expense of increased time of market? Hear Mark Lefebvre, Director, Systems Alliances and Integrations at IBM, talk about this balancing act and how IBM is helping clients to improve quality through their software and systems engineering process.

#136 Getting Real-Time Right: IBM reselling INCHRON solutions

Uwe Brodtmann Mark Lefebvre IBM Rational and INCHRON, a leader in embedded system design solutions, are teaming to provide a comprehensive model and simulation-based systems engineering solution which addresses these challenges. The new agreement entitles IBM to resell the INCHRON Tool-Suite; IBM can now offer its clients an integrated solution for model-driven development, including timing and performance analysis and validation. Uwe Brodtmann and Mark Lefebvre, speakers.

#135 Agile. Everywhere.

Scott Ambler Agile turns 10 this year! Since it‘s advent in 2001, Agile practices have transformed the way software is built and delivered.
Please take a few minutes to join Scott Ambler as he dispels the myths that still exist about scaling Agile practices and previews the "Agile. Everywhere." interactive whiteboard.

#134 Role of Software in Smart Grid Transformation

Irv Badr A software centric delivery process and a set of best practices that center around software integration and development
Energy and Utility companies have traditionally focused on their core business of distributing electrical power in a reliable and efficient manner. With the adoption of the Smart Grid, electric power distribution is coupled with bi-directional, and frequently copious, data exchange. The underlying data is defined through standards from IEC, and a set of best practices is essential to implement and manage this new, data-centric paradigm.

#133 Insight and Product Innovation

Steve Shoaf Nicole Katrana Design, deliver and manage smarter products
Smarter products are the building blocks of a smarter planet, but how do you make smarter products better and faster than your competition? Companies require product and systems development capabilities that can balance the trade-offs between product features, quality, time- to-market and profitability. IBM calls its set of capabilities for building smarter products insight and product (IPI). Steve Shoaf and Nicole Katrana, speakers.

#132 Product and Service Innovation

Domonic Tavassoli Pierre Coyne Delivering innovative products and services that transform the way we live, work, and play
Smarter. Flatter. Intelligent. Interconnected. Instrumented. We all agree that the world is changing. More likely than not you are building products or services that are driving this evolution. But are you prepared lead? Learn how IBM can help you prepare and win in the age of Smarter Products and Services. Dominic Tavassoli and Pierre Coyne, speakers.

#131 Proactively planning for change and transformation in the healthcare industry

Valerie Hamilton The healthcare industry is undergoing huge transformations – driving change is healthcare reform, aging populations, compliance mandates, and the need to reduce costs and operating more effectively. Are you ready for change? Are you able to proactively plan for change versus simply responding to each demand as it comes your way? Valerie Hamilton, speaker.

#129 Achieving Compliance with ISO26262

Karla Ducharme How to manage functional safety in automotive E/E development?
The upcoming ISO 26262 will, in many cases, add additional requirements to E/E engineering departments of automotive OEM and suppliers. How to deal with the enforcements of ISO 26262 and how the IBM Rational Software Platform for Automotive Systems helps achieve requirements of ISO 26262 is the subject of this podcast.

#128 What are the odds?

Murray Cantor It is well known that on-time delivery of a complex system is never certain. This fact raises the question every project lead should be able to answer, "What are the odds of making the date?" This podcast provides a method for answering this key question. Murray Cantor, speaker.

#126 Capability versus Complexity: Building Smarter Products

Dominic Tavassoli IBM discusses the benefits and pitfalls associated with developing smarter products
Delivering the right products at the right time can provide a powerful boost to a manufacturer‘s bottom line. Dominic Tavassolli from IBM Rational, explores the tradeoffs associated with capability (i.e. function, time to market) versus the complexity introduced by additional product features and ecosystem interoperability that actually make a product "smarter".

Innovate 2011 podcasts

Innovate Series: Cloud Computing

Steve Weaver Achieving effective software delivery while keeping risks and costs in check is a difficult balancing act. With Cloud computing, you can reduce the high deployment costs of delivering software while maintaining quality, improve control and governance while speeding time to market and enhance the flexibility of software development and delivery processes. This podcast highlights some of the Cloud Computing topics that will be presented across all the streams throughout the week at the Innovate 2011 conference, including a focus on Rational solutions on the cloud; Planning, developing, testing and deploying cloud applications; and leveraging the cloud for more effective software delivery.

Innovate Series: Strategic Planning

Johan Hedstrom This podcast highlights key topics that will be presented as part of the Strategic Planning stream at the Innovate 2011 conference including how organizations can align strategy with execution, create a value driven approach, create an optimal enterprise architecture, develop smarter and better products, and rationalize the application portfolio. Johan Hedström, speaker.

Innovate Series: Application Lifecycle Management Part 2

Matthew Holitza Brian Bryson Adeel Omer An interview with Innovate 2011’s most influential curriculum managers discussing content planned in the areas of Change and Configuration Management, Automation, Deployment and Asset Management and most importantly Quality Management. An invaluable resource for developers, release managers, testers and quality professionals wanting to plan out their agenda for Innovate 2011. Matt Holitza, Brian Bryson and Adeel Omer, speakers.

Innovate 2011 for System z customers

Will Smythe Pam Induni Hear highlights about featured activities for our System z customers taking place at the Innovate 2011 conference on June 5-9, 2011 in Orlando, Florida. Don’t miss the dedicated System z track, executive keynotes, personalized demos, labs, technical workshops, and a special reception for enterprise modernization customers at Shula’s Steakhouse. Will Smythe and Pam Induni, speakers.

Innovate Series: Collaborative Development and Operations

Michael Rowe Peter Marshall Bridging the Gap
This track at Innovate will show you how development and operations can work together to drive business change, quickly, with lower risk. Help your company break down the barriers between development and operations and delivery agile operations. Michael Rowe and Peter Marshall, speakers.

Innovate Series: Enterprise Modernization Power Systems Track

Roland Koo Susan Yoskin Track dedicated to the Power Systems environment
At Innovate 2011, Power Systems customers will have an opportunity to network with 4,000 software and systems experts and peers, see exciting keynotes from the IBM senior executive team and our customers, attend the dedicated Power Track sessions or use the on-line Agenda Builder tool to customize your experience. Roland Koo and Susan Yoskin, speakers.

Innovate Series: Application Lifecycle Management Part 1

Jennifer Moore Andy Gurd Neil Patterson An interview with Innovate 2011’s key curriculum managers discussing content planned in the areas of Application Lifecycle Management best practices, Requirements Definition and Management and Modeling, Architecture and Construction. An invaluable resource for analysts, engineers, architects, developers, and quality professionals wanting to plan out their agenda for Innovate 2011. Jennifer Moore, Andy Gurd and Neil Patterson, speakers.

Innovate Series: Software and Systems Innovation

Steve Shoaf Annmarie Stenglein Improve your competitive positioning by taming the complexity of smarter products and services
This podcast highlights some of the topics in the Software and systems innovation stream, to be delivered at Innovate 2011. In addition, this series will highlight some IBM clients speaking at the conference about how they have leveraged IBM to gain a competitive advantage within their industry.

Innovate Series: Application Security and Compliance

Brian Moran Making your applications more secure by design
This podcast highlights key topics that will be presented as part of the application security and compliance stream at the Innovate 2011 conference including how organizations can address a variety of application security challenges, helping attendees focus on the best practices and approaches for integrating security testing across the development lifecycle.

Innovate Series: The Rational Network — Customer Success Stories

Tamara Kulesa One of the best advantages to being a part of the Rational Network is the opportunity to learn from others and to leverage others successes and failures. This year, IBM presents you 32 customer success sessions — come hear from your peers and get some new tips to find success!