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Connecting design and test from concept to production

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Engineering team collaboration with quality management

Engineering departments are creating increasingly complex products, and as a result, automobiles, aircraft, medical devices, consumer electronics and more depend on software driving the hardware components. IBM Rational software and National Instruments are integrating development and test environments to help clients with their most important goals:

Enabling traceability from the start of engineering projects

Combining the rich solution portfolios of IBM® Rational® software and National Instruments enables new and enhanced capabilities, including comprehensive test case traceability, test case results management, and automated test scheduling and execution. Test results are made available to all teams so that applications can be validated at virtually every point along the development path, from simulation and prototyping, through deployment onto hardware, and integration into the end system. And both operational efficiency and test accuracy can be improved through the ability to reuse test components through-out multiple project phases and even on different projects

Improving collaboration between engineers to deliver better products

Engineering team collaboration with a quality management solution from IBM and National Instruments provides the following business benefits:

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