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IBM Rational and Wind River:

Addressing the Challenges of Embedded Software Development

Lowering Product Delivery Risks through Lifecycle Quality Management

Product development executives today are challenged to deliver increasingly complex products to ever tighter schedules. And product development teams need to adopt new technologies such as multicore, while doing development across teams that are distributed across the globe.

Many projects are delivered behind schedule with others cancelled due to inability to respond to changing requirements. Product and program managers are forced to make critical trade-off decisions about time-to-market vs. quality with inadequate information.

IBM Rational® software—a marketplace-leading platform for software lifecycle management—is teaming with Wind River—the global leader in the embedded and mobile industries—to help companies meet these challenges.

Together, Wind River and IBM can help product development teams manage business risks through a lifecycle quality management approach. Wind River and Rational can help companies improve their return-on-investment (ROI), improve collaboration across the development lifecycle, reduce cost by increasing automation, and provide better visibility to project status, leading to higher quality and on-time deliveries

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Together Rational and Wind River’s solution provides the following:

Wind River and Rational can help companies deliver higher-quality products to market faster, while increasing the return on their investment in quality.