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IBM Rational and Wind River:

Addressing the Challenges of Embedded Software Development

 Reducing the Risk of Multicore Development 

Driven by marketplace demands, many companies are turning to multicore hardware to improve performance while reducing energy consumption. Yet multicore development raises a host of challenges. You must contend with the need for ever increasing functionality, business and technical requirements. Multicore adds many more design options that must be evaluated. And time-to-market constraints, connectivity requirements and safety and security considerations weigh heavily on development teams.

IBM Rational® software—a marketplace-leading platform for software lifecycle management—is teaming with Wind River—the global leader in the embedded and mobile industries—to help companies take the risk out of multicore software development.

Together, Wind River Systems and IBM can provide companies with the hardware-optimized run-time environments, middleware, software development tools and services you need to develop high-performance, maintainable and scalable multicore solutions. Together, Wind River and Rational help developers architect and build devices for the future—building products right the first time, reducing development costs and speeding time-to-market.

The Multicore Paradox

Although multicore hardware offers the opportunity to realize significant price and performance improvements in your products, it makes the product development process more complex. And the wrong architecture for your product can significantly reduce or even eliminate multicore benefits.

Wind River provides a wide range of real-time and general-purpose operating systems that support symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) and virtualization on many different multicore processors. To manage this complexity, development teams needs to be able to quickly evaluate many different combinations including the number of cores and the operating system and configuration (SMP or AMP) and how the application will utilize the hardware and operating system configuration.

To maximize the benefits of multicore and shorten time-to-market, key design trade-offs need to be made early in the development process.

Using a model-driven development approach, IBM Rational and Wind River are teaming to help developers do the following: