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Mobile is becoming the face of the enterprise with ever increasing reliance of consumers and employees on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as the primary solution for communication, computing and Internet access. As a result of this generational shift in the IT industry, we are witnessing an explosion in the number of mobile applications, the creation of which follows an accelerated software development lifecycle.

It is clear today that the best mobile apps result from rapid response to user feedback. With agile development being the norm, organizations moving to mobile are leveraging a rapid, collaborative DevOps approach to delivery of quality mobile apps. IBM is helping organizations put mobile first and understands the accelerated timeline for mobile app delivery.

Mobile DevOps solutions from IBM help align the development, test, deployment, and delivery of mobile applications with business objectives, within budget and time constraints, centered on the needs of the customer.

Integrated into the IBM MobileFirst Platform capabilities, IBM Rational mobile solutions, offer the most comprehensive, end-to-end development solution for mobile applications in the market today, providing the ability to build, test, and deploy enterprise mobile applications that:

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