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Rational expert: Dr. Murray Cantor

Dr. Murray Cantor- Led development of IBM Rational Unified Process for Systems Engineering (RUPSE).

- Introduced variance in program variables as a way to measure and reason about risk in development and service delivery programs. Concept led to new, disciplined ways for organizations to balance development risk and value.

- Key player on OMG and INCOSE committees to generate a Request for Proposal for the System Modeling Language (SysML).

- Founding member of SysML Partners, industry consortium generating most of the SysML specification.


Dr. Murray Cantor is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the governance solutions lead on the IBM Rational Software CTO team. His areas of expertise include IT and development governance, software and system engineering processes, and system development management. Murray was the lead architect of RUP SE, the extension of the Rational Unified Process for system and enterprise engineering. He is the author of Object-Oriented Project Management with UML (John Wiley 1998) and Software Leadership (Addison-Wesley 2001), and has been a system architect, team lead, project manager, development product manager, architecture manager, program manager, and lead consultant. He developed and currently teaches a course on Development Governance at Stevens Institute in New Jersey.


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