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Rational expert: Mike O’Rourke

ALT Mike O’Rourke is Vice President, Offering Strategy and Delivery, IBM Rational and based in Littleton, Massachusetts, USA. In his current role, he is responsible for Product Management, Strategy, Product Marketing, Enablement, and messaging for all of Rational’s products. Previously, Mike was Vice President of Rational Development, providing executive leadership over Rational’s distributed software development business, including the Telelogic products, Architecture Management, Change and Release Management, Project and Portfolio Management and Quality Management. Mike was also the Director of Rational Team Products where he was responsible for product development, product management and quality engineering. Mike came to Rational through the acquisition of BuildForge, where he was the VP of Development, IT, Product and Support. Mike has previous experience within IBM, as VP of Development at Tivoli when it was acquired in 1996.

Mike is a veteran of the software industry with over 25 years of development, customer support, and executive management experience for companies ranging from small start-ups to billion dollar industry leaders. He has a proven track record of successfully building some of the top technology companies in the software industry. Prior to BuildForge, he was Vice President of Engineering for Performance Retail, a provider of web-based merchandising and store operations software for the retail industry. Before joining PRI, Mike was VP of Customer Operations at BroadJump. He has also held key positions at Tivoli, Agillion, SupportSoft, Apollo Computer/HP, and Compugraphic Corporation/Agfa. Mike received his bachelor's degree in computer science from the University of Vermont and his MBA from Boston College.

Mike’s key areas of expertise include: Agile development culture changes for agile, agile measurement, and agile in regulatory environments.

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