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Rational expert: Grant Larsen

Grant LarsenGrant Larsen is a model-driven development specialist at IBM Rational software. At KPMG Peat Marwick in 1989 he joined their Advanced Technologies practice applying leading-edge, object-oriented solutions. Grant joined Rational Software in 1993 where he had multiple roles including field services, product development for Rational Rose, and business development. Grant was a member of the UML committee for Rational and published portions of that specification.


In 1997 Grant joined Blueprint Technologies, directing their development activities. Grant’s team developed reusable components/frameworks for solving Internet application integration problems. Grant and his team also developed an advanced reuse mechanism for managing reusable designs.

Grant has published multiple articles, been guest editor, and contributed to other books on framework technology and related technologies.

In 2000 Grant joined the Technology Group in Catapulse, Inc. working with Rational Software to establish industry standards on specifying reusable assets. In 2001 Rational Software acquired Catapulse. Grant continued to develop reusable assets, practices, and techniques in his role as Director, Reuse Strategies. During this time Grant published multiple articles to Annals of Software Engineering and to the Rational Developer Network site.

In 2003 IBM acquired Rational Software. Grant continues to drive the asset-based development strategy including asset-based development process definition, pattern content development as well as tooling features. Grant worked with industry leaders to establish standards on specifying reusable assets, known as the Reusable Asset Specification (RAS). This specification was adopted by the OMG. Grant currently drives pattern strategies and implementation at IBM Rational.