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Adopting agile methods for safety-critical systems development

This paper addresses concerns that some traditional practitioners in the safety-critical space have about agile methods, and it shows how agile methods are well-suited for delivering safety-critical systems.

Last updated: 04 Jul 2013

Author: Bruce Powel Douglass and Leslie Ekas

Collaboration in the mobile device industry: How to partner, produce, and stay competitive

Mobile is the future for all companies that have a stake in communicating information, regardless of their industry. Read how higher levels of collaboration can help create winners in the mobile device market.

Last updated: 04 Jul 2013

Author: Scott Niemann, Charles Rivet, and Martin Bakal

Integrate, collaborate, optimize—and thrive Embracing the changing role of developers in the global business environment

Technical skills and the ability to build software have always been valued. But developers matter more to their organizations than ever before. Read how software developers are providing higher levels of value in today’s global business environment.

Last updated: 04 Jul 2013

Author: Neil Patterson

The challenges of agile delivery for today’s software quality management teams

Learn how an agile approach to quality management helps teams reduce the cost of quality, while relieving some of the complexity and time to market pressures faced by today’s software delivery teams.

Last updated: 04 Jul 2013

Author: Serge Lucio and Alan Wagoner

Empowering the CIO: Enabling smarter decisions with Application Portfolio Management

This paper explains the business case for application portfolio management. It describes a number of scenarios for implementing APM and illustrates how the technique can help organizations optimize their IT investments.

Last updated: 15 Feb 2012

Author: Per Kroll, Chief Solution Architect–Application Portfolio Management, IBM Rational