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Transform systems and software delivery

The Jazz platform will transform software and systems delivery by making it more collaborative, productive and transparent, through integration of information and tasks across the phases of the lifecycle. The Jazz initiative consists of three elements:

  • An open platform for lifecycle tool integration
  • A set of products that support the Jazz platform
  • A vibrant community of Jazz developers, users, and business partners

Reduce time to market, maintain quality and keep costs down.

Watch the interactive videos to see how Jazz Revolution, a global music company, is adopting product capabilities built on the Jazz platform to achieve effective application lifecycle management, Agile transformation and enterprise modernization.

The Jazz revolution

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Transform software delivery

Choose which role’s perspective you want to watch: Developer, Release Manager, Deployment Engineer, VP of Development, Business Analyst & Product Owner or Agile Team Lead. See how the team grows their customer base by 20% by collaborating to:

Agility to grow

Look back at Jazz revolution's agile adoption. It discusses the challenges that led them to begin their transformation journey, their adoption approach and how IBM helped them get started by providing training, coaching, lightweight tooling and a unique scaling approach that would allow them to incrementally adopt new practices and tooling as their needs evolved.

Unify, integrate and collaborate

Watch a “day in their life” of a highly efficient software delivery team who have incrementally rolled out IBM's solution for collaborative lifecycle management (CLM). CLM Is built on an integrated and open platform which enabled them to achieve automation of manual tasks and to benefit from the five imperatives for effective ALM

Modernize, extend and reuse

Watch Jazz Revolution as it acquires a long-time music retailer and distributor with an existing mainframe system. Featuring the VP of development, lead portfolio analyst, line of business executive, and lead architect, this video highlights how Jazz Revolution is able to leverage the investment in their proven mainframe environment. By evolving their core IT systems towards modern architectures and technologies Jazz Revolution is able to establish a unified and integrated software delivery platform for their development organization supporting both their distributed and mainframe environments.

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