IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development

A collaborative solution to accelerate System z development

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Feature Benefit
A unified platform for collaboration and integration that supports your organization’s best practices and aligns your project teams. Integration is possible with a variety of open-source and commercial products with support for a wide range of server platforms, including Windows, Linux, AIX, and support for popular clients, including Eclipse, Visual Studio, ISPF, and a variety of web browsers Improves the productivity of teams and the quality of the work they produce, and greatly simplifies access to team-related information. Support for any process and any platform significantly reduces the total cost of ownership and administration
An Eclipse-based integrated development environment with contemporary developer conveniences such as integrated remote and local file support, analysis, debugging, change management, and SCM, plus real-time error checking, code refactoring, code assistance, and quick fixes Significant developer productivity improvements over traditional, separate 3270 character-based user interfaces
z/OS automated unit test framework, COBOL and PL/I code rules, and code coverage capabilities Higher quality code delivered more quickly with automated capabilities.
Off host development and testing, harnessing the processing power and availability of distributed systems Free up additional capacity for higher value production work by reducing the MIPS consumed by development activities
Application dependencies identified at multiple levels, including jobs and transactions, files and databases, programs and applications written in COBOL, PL/I, Java EE, and various distributed text formats including HTML and XML, and composite applications that span mainframe and distributed systems By understanding your applications at a semantic level, development teams can make changes with more confidence, greater speed, and less risk
Advanced software management with context aware search, dependency generation, build impact analysis, dependency assisted build, promotion and deployment support Supports teams performing COBOL, PL/I, System z, Power Systems and cross-platform development
Modernization capabilities such as application inventory, business rules modernization, analysis, and application refactoring and revitalization on a common, Jazz-based team infrastructure On average, reusing existing, proven applications is five times less expensive than rewriting, plus results in faster time to market and less risk

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The IBM® Integrated Solution for System z® Development is a modern environment for mainframe development, team collaboration, unit testing, analysis, change management, and software configuration management that can accelerate the development of enterprise applications.

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