IBM Continuous Integration Solution for System z

Continuous integration and test management

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Expedite mainframe application delivery via
continuous integration and testing

IBM products provide the foundation for the IBM Continuous Integration Solution for System z, including:

Feature Benefit
Automated mainframe and distributed interface testing, including Web Services Reduce manual effort by both developers and testers in validating code changes. Easier to detect regressions in application functionality.
Execution and availability of test results at build time An automated quality feedback loop to developers

Real-time status of application testing Improved insight into application quality and progression of testing. Know in real-time which application components are having problems passing tests and dynamically adjust resources or focus as needed to meet delivery timeframes and quality goals.
Off-mainframe development and testing for cross-platform applications, harnessing the processing power and availability of distributed systems Lower the cost of application testing using lower QOS platforms for functional verification, while reducing mainframe development MIPS requirements on production machines. Additional flexibility for project-centric test systems vs large shared test environments for multiple teams.

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