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Build smart products. Multicore development solutions.

Multicore technologies deliver and demand more

The momentum toward multicore technologies
is increasing rapidly. Software for these systems
has become a primary concern. Today’s leading
companies require new ways of building products
that take advantage of multicore platforms.
The promise of multicore technologies come at a
significant cost and risk with even greater complexity
in the design and delivery of products and the software
intensive applications which drive them.

Multicore architectures can help your organization
get a strategic advantage with:

Optimizing your multicore investment to gain these
advantages is essential. To unlock these benefits
in your multicore architecture, your organization
needs to develop the corresponding software to
make it happen.

Software is now the critical component driving decisions
around the entire architecture for next generation products
using multicore technology. From your operating environment
to communications, to the number of cores required, application
software demands are the deciding factor.

To be successful, your development team will need to leverage a software development environment that is optimized to deliver on the promise of multicore.

Together, IBM Rational® Rhapsody® and IBM Rational DOORS® help simplify the development of software for multicore architectures so that your customer's needs
are met on time and with the expected quality.