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Today, Agile is used in virtually every industry and is being used to deliver every type of software, Agile is everywhere! With agility@scale, IBM has led the way in helping organizations to adopt Agile whether they are globally distributed, require strict governance, or are building technically complex software. Presented by Scott Ambler, this interactive whiteboard discusses the past, present and future of Agile and dispelling the myths that still exist about scaling Agile practices

Unlike many of its competitors, IBM can help you realize Better results. Faster. For less. Presented by Ingrid Eheler, this interactive demonstration illustrates IBM’s eminence as an industry-leader in systems engineering and ALM solutions. Three primary characteristics of IBM Software solutions from Rational help IBM and its customers stand apart from the competition: Credibility. Open collaboration. Business value.

A new approach is needed to address growing complexity in developing modern electronics, cars, planes and medical devices. See how to unify product development with a collaborative, integrated product and systems engineering lifecycle solution.

IBM® Rational® solutions, powered by Jazz, deliver the IBM vision for a collaborative Application Lifecycle Management process. Presented by Carolyn Pampino, this interactive demonstration illustrates the five imperatives for Application Lifecycle Management. Rational software is uniquely attuned to global and distributed teams, designed to transform how people work together to build software – making software delivery more collaborative, productive, and enjoyable.

Early collaboration with stakeholders is essential and greatly increases the chances of project success. Presented by Bruce Douglass, this interactive explains how the IBM Rational® solution for collaborative design management can help customers and stakeholders achieve earlier consensus on the desired design, define requirements for the approved design and ensure a higher-quality product. This solution enables software and systems teams to make designs an essential part of their delivery lifecycle.

IBM Rational® solutions for deployment planning and automation help you deliver and deploy your software efficiently and with the lowest risk of failure. Presented by David Brauneis, this interactive explains how complicated IT environments can be deployed and managed easily, using automation that helps development and operations teams to better communicate, plan, execute and deliver.

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