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Requirements Management Self-Assessment

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Take your requirements management processes to a higher level

Requirements Management Self-Assessment Audit

Empirical studies and research show that effective requirements management processes are critical to the success of systems development, product development, and enterprise IT projects, helping organizations to reduce costly rework, to avoid embarrassing product recalls, and to better satisfy the needs of customers and the business.

Whether you currently follow a formal approach to requirements management or want to start doing so, the IBM® Requirements Management Self-Assessment is designed to help you evaluate your requirements management process, to provide recommendations for improvement, and to outline what may be needed to raise your organization’s requirements management process to a higher level of maturity.

The self-assessment is a questionnaire-based tool. You are guided through a series of questions, covering different aspects of requirements management. Your answers are scored and aggregated.

Your total score is used to map your requirements management maturity to one of three levels. Based on the level you are assessed at, we provide guidance and recommended reading materials to help you further improve your requirements management processes.