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Taking advantage of innovative solutions - while breaking down IT silos and supporting globally distributed teams - requires collaboration between development and operations.

IBM can help development organizations reduce the possibility of applications being returned due to deployment issues by adopting innovative solutions including:

Deployment planning and automation
Watch the Integrated Development and Operations Lifecycle Scenario demonstration (SWF). See how you can bridge the development and operations gap reducing cost, managing risk, and achieving optimal efficiencies. Learn how you can discover, share, and reuse deployment artifacts. Increase speed of deployment by transforming design into deliverable reality. Decrease waste and manual efforts, while reducing risk thru effective governance and pre-configured best practices.

Optimize test lab efficiency and resource utilization
Read how IBM Software from Rational and Tivoli helped IBM Systems and Technology Group eliminate an estimated 20 percent of testing duplication while reducing hardware requests. Learn how you can maintain asset inventory catalogs and provision remote systems through automation, reducing costs and minimizing downtime.

Improve service levels by ensuring application performance
Effective application performance tuning demands the proper identification of critical bottlenecks. The true test of performance scalability occurs when the application is put into production and placed under live load. Watch how businesses can reduce risk and improve stability by proactively uncovering system response issues (00:09:21) (link resides outside of

Proactive security risk mitigation
IBM Software security solutions enable enterprises to find existing vulnerabilities and prevent new ones from being introduced, block attacks, and ensure that only authorized personnel are accessing critical or sensitive data. See how IBM Software from Rational and Tivoli can help decrease security risk (00:08:00).

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