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IBM Rational Test Lab Automation

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Increase software testing efficiency and effectiveness while reducing cost by leveraging the cloud

Leverage the cloud. To transform software delivery.

In a traditional development environment, testing capabilities are typically constrained by hardware availability and the time taken to set up and configure hardware and software configurations for testing environments.

For example, when running large scale load tests, significant additional hardware may be needed to generate the number of virtual testers required. Conversely, because performance testing occurs at specific times during development iteration or throughout a project, hardware is idle for the remaining time. In fact, studies show that test hardware may be used only 10 - 20% of the time on any given project. Because of this, running large load tests can be prohibitively expensive in terms of license costs and infrastructure.

By leveraging cloud with Rational Test Lab Automation solutions, organizations can:

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IBM Rational Performance Tester provides you with automated performance testing capabilities to validate the scalability of web and server-based applications.

IBM Deployment Planning and Automation provides you with integrated design and automation for cloud application deployment, allowing testers to plan, automate and govern the process of deploying complex applications to the cloud for testing purposes.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise addresses your development and test needs with a competitive edge. The flexible provisioning provides the IT resources you need on demand at a predetermined cost.


Collaborative Development & Planning for Automated Deployment of Applications to the Cloud

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