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Infrastructure as a Service

IBM® Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivers a range of security-rich, enterprise-class cloud services that can be leveraged to provide instant access for development and test teams to resources needed to accelerate software delivery. Use self-service IaaS or our fully managed IaaS to deploy and scale virtual and dedicated bare-metal infrastructure, develop applications and run your production-ready workloads.

IBM SoftLayer

IBM SoftLayer provides a global cloud-based infrastructure -- the perfect foundation for DevOps solutions (YouTube, 00:01:55), enabling organizations to unite each phase of the software delivery process seamlessly. The SoftLayer infrastructure allows for real-time transparency, meaning teams across all phases of development work simultaneously -- fully aware of what the others are doing. Development teams can leverage the resources they need, when they need them, and deploy bare metal dedicated or virtual servers in minutes with the performance, security, flexibility and control needed to bring software delivery to the next level.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+

A fully managed, highly secure IaaS cloud optimized for critical enterprise workloads. SmartCloud Enterprise+ offers SLAs with 99.9% virtual server uptime and many advantages of a private cloud—such as options for dedicated servers and storage—while providing flexible scaling and the benefits of cloud economics

With SmartCloud Enterprise+'s managed cloud infrastructure, IT teams can set up new application environments in days—versus weeks—as well as improve quality by reducing configuration errors. Because IBM manages the infrastructure, developers can focus on developing innovative applications and services to drive growth.

IBM Rational solutions can be deployed with a bring-your-own-license (BYOL) model on IBM SoftLayer or IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+.

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Development and Test on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise

Watch the video (YouTube, 00:07:21)Find out why development and test workloads are the ideal fit for the cloud