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Cut costs and risk by ensuring initiatives are on time and within scope

Rational software

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Better manage the execution of projects, portfolios, products, and applications.

IBM® Rational® business partners help us cut cost and risk by ensuring initiatives are on time and in scope.

New business partner integrations

black duck

Ready for Rational

Black Duck Protex integrates with Rational Team Concert to enable breakthrough development economics provided by reusing open source software components while minimizing the associated risks and challenges. The combination of Protex with RTC enables open source governance and reduce time to market and costly rework through automated discovery of licensing issues early in the team development process.

BSD Group's

Ready for Rational

BSD Group's Rational Team Concert Integration with HP QualityCenter® allows bi-directional synchronization of defects and workflows. Your development team works with QualityCenter assets in Rational Team Concert, reducing QualityCenter training and licensing requirements, letting developers and testers collaborate in their tool of choice.


Ready for Rational

The CAST Application Intelligence Platform with integrated, automated access to assets in Rational ClearCase and Rational Team Concert, enables unprecedented management visibility and control over globally-distributed, multi-platform, multi-language software delivery. CAST measures software technical quality, size, and productivity, providing IT and business executives the information they need to generate significantly more business productivity from their complex application software. CAST will seamlessly integrate into the recently announced Rational Insight, an open and extensible performance measurement platform for software delivery that provides Enterprise Reporting with data from many Rational products to create and deliver business value.

CM Logic

Ready for Rational

CM Logic supports heterogeneous environments with a bi-directional connector between IBM Rational Team Concert™ and IBM Rational Quality Manager and the Atlassian JIRA change management system.


Ready for Rational

Seer by Galorath automates project estimation from models created with Rational Software Architect, Rational Software Modeler and Rational Systems Developer providing credible estimates and a viable plan. Galorath plans to expand the value for project managers to monitor and control projects progress through future integration with the recently announced Rational Focal Point for Project Managers.


Ready for Rational

MainSoft integrates IBM Lotus® Quickr and Microsoft® SharePoint into Rational Team Concert and other Jazz-based products, extending the collaborative and governance capabilities of Jazz to these popular enterprise collaboration environments.


Ready for Rational

QSM SLIM-Control integrates with Rational Team Concert to harvest project data to be used in evaluating SLIM estimates against actual project status, generating more accurate forecasts, improving the visibility of project status, and leading to on-time, on-budget application development projects.

TVAR Solutions

TVAR / Wells Landers Solutions methodology and best practices are built on Rational System Architect and Rational Focal Point, allowing IT to quantitatively prioritize initiatives while aligning with strategic concerns of the business. These solutions help stakeholders, such as investors, C-level executives, marketing and sales, government oversight organizations, and taxpayers, see business or project outcomes as obvious, tangible and relevant, especially in today's marketplace, with strains on already scarce resources, time, and money.


Ready for Rational

WebLayers Center extends Rational Team Concert’s collaborative process model by providing an automated governance solution to ensure compliance, minimize business risk and achieve economic benefits. WebLayers Center federates design-time policies and best practices across the service lifecycle and can ensure consistent rules are being followed as organizations look to deploy Rational Team Concert within existing heterogeneous environments.


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