Explore new IBM solutions for DevOps and Continuous EngineeringExplore new IBM solutions for DevOps and Continuous Engineering

Explore new IBM solutions for DevOps and Continuous Engineering


Cloud-based solutions — mobile apps — multi-channel enterprise applications: you can build and integrate them all using the latest DevOps services, capabilities and practices from IBM.

  • Cloud

    Accelerate development and delivery in the cloud

  • Enterprise

    Balance speed with cost, quality and risk for traditional enterprise applications

  • Mobile

    Reduce time-to-customer feedback of multi-channel apps

The IBM DevOps solution works by engaging and aligning all participants in the software delivery lifecycle – business owners, architects, developers, testers, IT ops, even your end users – around a single, shared goal: sustained innovation, fueled by continuous delivery, and shaped by continuous feedback.

Not sure how to get started? Visit the IBM DevOps community to learn how you can plan and execute a staged adoption of DevOps.

Clients are achieving real value

Watch this video to learn how Left Shift IT is using service virtualization to reduce integration testing times for mobile apps by 50%.

LeftShift talks about Service Virtualization for Mobile platformsLeftShift talks about Service Virtualization for Mobile platforms

Explore DevOps solutionsExplore DevOps solutions

The IBM DevOps solution uses an open-standards-based platform and it is designed to integrate into existing heterogeneous lifecycle environments. IBM Business Partners and the open standards community are an essential part of the IBM DevOps solution and helping our clients achieve successful business outcomes.

Continuous engineering

Continuous engineering Continuous engineering is an enterprise capability that speeds delivery of increasingly sophisticated and connected products by helping businesses to evolve their engineering practices to adapt to the accelerating pace of business change.
Continuous engineering includes three key practice areas:

  • Don't reinvent the wheel

    Unlocking engineering knowledge — Turn insight into outcomes

    The practice of using open standards and analytics to access, unlock and understand all engineering information, regardless of source — to enable the right decisions at the right times.

  • Measure twice, cut once

    Continuous verification — Measure twice, cut once

    The practice of modeling physical and systems behavior early in the product development lifecycle, and then continuing to apply simulation and test technologies in successive stages until the design is mature — to prevent rework and achieve faster time to quality

  • Measure twice, cut once

    Strategic reuse — Don't reinvent the wheel

    The practice of design planning and execution such that intellectual capital is reused as much as possible throughout the product development lifecycle — to increase design efficiencies, engineer larger product lines, and tame complexity.

Discover continuous engineeringDiscover continuous engineering

This spring IBM is announcing new and enhanced solutions to help our clients build a continuous engineering capability.

Download the list of continuous engineering launch announcements (PDF, 326KB)

Explore continuous engineering solutionsExplore continuous engineering solutions

Systems engineering and software engineering are key elements of continuous engineering that provide the foundation for product and systems development. IBM® Rational® solutions for systems and software engineering offer the agility to develop products and product lines in an open, connected continuous engineering environment.

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