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Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC)

PTC is an IBM Global PLM Alliance Partner. Together we focus on product innovation, offer unified solutions that combine expertise in enterprise process transformation and product development optimization to help companies meet the faster, higher quality, risk reduction requirements of an increasingly complex global marketplace. PTC and IBM have over 20 plus years of product development and industry knowledge, providing unparalleled capability to help you innovate your business effectively no matter how simple or complex your processes are today.

Together, PTC and IBM can help you develop and implement a complete, open fully integrated solution enabling the achievement of realized value. Hitting upon the key innovation areas from business process transformation, to product development disciplines, to the supporting software and hardware infrastructure we can help no matter where they are in your PLM Implementation, no matter what processes you have or do not have, we have the experience, the approach, and the framework to help you be innovative.

PTC provides leading PLM, content management and dynamic publishing solutions to more than 25,000 companies worldwide. The PTC Windchill® software suite enables collaborative PLM. Its architecture is consistent with IBM’s vision for open enterprise applications and links to IBM WebSphere® and IBM Rational® ClearCase®. PTC’s Windchill software solution manages content and processes, heterogeneous product data, distributed product development, and complex information assets.

Key capabilities include: