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IBM has relationships with leading PLM software and technology providers all over the world, allowing us to address the PLM business challenges of any company—especially those that use multiple PLM products and technologies, either inside the company or within the value chain.

IBM's approach to team with multiple Independent Software Vendors for PLM expands the range of solutions available to you and can accommodate your preferences of application software. This approach ensures that you can benefit from IBM technology - Services, Systems and Software - as IBM Business Partners are committed to supporting and optimizing upon IBM technology platforms.

IBM's Business Partners are recognized as either a Alliance Solutions Provider and/or as a member of our PLM ecosystem. The Alliance partners coupled with IBM technology, thought leadership and services each offer unique business value. The IBM Business Partners who are recognized as a member of our PLM ecosystem share a common relationship with IBM's PLM infrastructure framework called the Product Development Integration Framework (PDIF) or they have completed one of our software validation programs that confirms support of their application with IBM Software. IBM continuously expands its relationship with PLM software providers and is developing new relationships to offer a complete PLM portfolio.

Follow the links below, to learn more about IBM's Business Partners who have established relationships with IBM within the PLM solutions domain.

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