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Advanced graphical displays and visualisation software for user interface developers

Visualisation software: deliver information quickly and effectively. Watch video online.

Why choose IBM ILOG Visualisation Software?

Visualisation software from IBM provides the industry’s most comprehensive set of graphics products for creating highly graphical, interactive displays. User interface developers reduce development time and risk. End users understand their information better, and can react faster.

What we offer

Explore the ILOG Visualisation products by development platform :

Java™ (US)

Adobe® Flex®

Visualization Software Products

Discover what displays we provide

  • Diagrams (US)

    Networks, flowchart and process flows, org charts, schematics, business process management displays, UML modelers

  • Gantt Charts (US)

    Project scheduling, task allocation and resource usage, timeline and calendar views

  • Maps (US)

    Geographic displays, asset management maps, real-time monitoring views

  • Telecom Displays (US)

    WAN and LAN displays, geo-referenced network displays, equipment views, and service level agreement compliance

  • Defense Maps (US)

    Defense mission planning and analysis, 2D and 3D simulations, real-time monitoring

  • Charts (US)

    Performance analysis, data analysis and data mining, scientific displays, real-time monitoring, business analysis

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