Driving Business Agility in Travel and Transportation

WebSphere solutions for Travel and Transportation

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Business agility in Travel and Transportation

Top challenges
Travel and Transportation companies need to leverage methods to cut costs while finding ways to increase revenues. BPM, and SOA can provide cost efficiencies and agile solutions to help with:

  1. Customer satisfaction and retention
  2. Revenue growth opportunities.
  3. Increasing operational costs.

Where we can help
IBM helps Travel and Transportation customers worldwide in building more agile solutions that speed up time to market and enables enhanced services to your customers. WebSphere solutions for Travel and Transportation help to:

  1. Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction with customer experience enhancements through customer self service and automation.
  2. Increase revenues with on demand revenue generating up-sell opportunities enabled by more agile applications.
  3. Reduce costs with process automation, and more efficient asset management.

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