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Business agility in Media & Entertainment

Top challenges

As we enter the second decade of this new century, it is a time of tremendous change for the media and entertainment industry in general, and networks and broadcasters (US) in particular. Some of the most pressing challenges include:

  1. Digital media innovation - Infrastructures need to be updated to create a flexible, reliable and scalable environment and be more responsive to multi-channel distribution model business requirements.
  2. Audience fragmentation - Business leaders need to view, analyze, and take action over the distribution model processes to better personalize content in real-time.
  3. Increasing number of channels - Distribution models lack visibility across entire value chain, limiting the ability to optimize the distribution model process.

Where we can help

Smarter processes can help handle these changes and exploit new opportunities to:

  1. Reduce time to market to ensure timely delivery of key content and optimize systems (US) for multi-site deployment.
  2. Improve content and make it even more compelling to maintain and increase market share. Leverage real-time personalization (US) for higher customer satisfaction and retention. Provide business users with richer set of tools from which to construct more compelling content.
  3. Drive product into greater market opportunities (US) thanks to new distribution models. Create flexible, reliable and scalable distribution models that make content available worldwide, regardless of lack of standards or growing number of vendors and devices.

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