Driving Business Agility in Healthcare and Life Sciences

WebSphere solutions for healthcare providers, health plans and insurers, and life sciences enterprises

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Business agility in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Top challenges
IBM systems, software and services facilitate transformation to a smarter healthcare and life sciences by enabling ecosystem enterprises to:

  1. Improve operational effectiveness and reduce cost.
  2. Achieve higher quality and improved outcomes for greater value.
  3. Deliver connected and personalized care.

Where we can help
IBM is a stable and global single source of systems, software and services to enable healthcare and life sciences ecosystem connectivity, collaboration, process optimization and information analytics for business performance transformation and cost-effective management of the clinical, heuristic, administrative, research and teaching (CHART) processes. WebSphere solutions can support these critical business performance transformation initiatives:

WebSphere-based solutions run on virtually every proprietary and open source platform to provide scalability, high availability, connectivity to legacy systems and applications, and designed-in interoperability -– the “strength of the stack”.

Focus on Sunshine Act Compliance

Featured product: WebSphere Message Broker Connectivity Pack for Healthcare

IBM WebSphere Message Broker Connectivity Pack for Healthcare V7.0 delivers support for clinical application integration and operational management for healthcare environments.

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