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Business agility in Energy & Utilities

Top challenges
Changing regulatory requirements, high cost of energy, increasing consumer demands grid security are just some of the many challenges Energy & Utility organizations face today:

Where we can help
WebSphere solutions help Energy & Utility providers integrate long-running end-to-end business processes that span multiple applications across complex heterogeneous, legacy IT environments. IBM offers a vendor-agnostic, scalable, flexible and secure approach.

Popular downloads in Energy & Utilities

  • Business agility in outage management for energy & utilities

    Learn about an efficient and agile to outage management using business process management (BPM), decision management and customer communications technologies.
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  • Customer service power play

    Discover how Energy & Utilities can enhance subscriber care with smarter interactions.
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  • Energy & Utilities video

    Transform insight into action to build a smarter grid. Explore the various ways that enhanced decision management capabilities and real-time visibility into processes can help Energy & Utility (E&U) leaders respond faster to meter events, customer demands, and much more to meet the industry's unique challenges.
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  • Generate Smart Grid solutions

    Proactively identify and resolve power outages, fraud, and security issues. Learn how an Intelligent Utility Network with business event processing can help utilities detect outages, improve grid security, and prevent fraudulent use of energy.
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  • Transform meter-to-cash processes

    The IBM meter-to-cash solution helps to automate and optimize billing, customer interface and distribution processes for efficiency, agility and operational savings.
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