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Mobile Portal Toolkit for WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Portal Enable

Mobile Portal Toolkit enables both the development and testing of portlets in a tooling environment already familiar to developers. Mobile Portal Toolkit provides access to pervasive services through the Rational Application Developer tools and is based on proven technologies and uses open standards to increase application usage.

The following components of Mobile Portal Toolkit are targeted for WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Portal Enable:

  • Java® Portlet Creation Wizard has been enhanced to support the creation of XDIME portlets.
  • Rational Application-based policy editors, which are used to create policies that are referenced in the XDIME markup and used by MCS to make the best decision for emitting device-dependent markup to a target device, will be included.
  • Sample XDIME portlet application.
  • Toolkit test environment extensions to support the MCS runtime and XDIME Aggregator.

The Mobile Portal Toolkit Version 6.0 is supported only on Rational Application Developer V7 or IBM Rational Software Architect 7.0 (both of which are supersets of Eclipse 3.2.1) with Windows XP Professional. The WebSphere Portal 6.0 test environment must also be installed with Rational Application Developer if the WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Portal Enable test environment will be used. Rational Application Developer is not included with WebSphere Everyplace Mobile Portal Enable and must be purchased separately.

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