What's your software upgrade strategy

A consistently implemented software upgrade strategy can deliver measurable benefits

Performance, productivity, efficiency, security, data analytics, processing and management, storage capacity, collaborative and connectivity concerns impact virtually every organization— large and small.  If capabilities and processes aren't evolving to keep pace with new challenges and demands, economic and competitive pressures mount. 

In world of business and technology, currency counts

Since moving to DB2 more than 4 years ago, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated has upgraded from 9.1 to 9.5 and on to 9.7 and saved more than $1 million.

As Andrew Juarez, Lead SAP Basis and DBA, said after upgrading to 9.7, "This thing eats data for lunch."  Watch the complete interview with Andrew Juarez.

Because of the savings, ease of use, performance improvements, Coca-Cola Bottling Co, chose to continue their upgrade journey and moved to DB2 10 with BLU acceleration.

Listen to what Andrew Juarez has to say about the results of their latest DB2 upgrade and the measurable benefits upgrading to DB2 10 with BLU acceleration delivered:

And, Coca-Cola isn't the only company reaping huge upgrade benefits.

Examples of upgrade benefits delivered in recently released IBM software

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