IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policy

August 4, 2011

This page is available for 'historic' reference only.
To view the current policy and dates for specific offerings, please visit IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policy.


The IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policy, coupled with IBM's expansive range of support offerings, tools and expertise, is designed to help you derive maximum value from your IBM software investments.

Scan the table below for a summary of recent Software Support Lifecycle Policy enhancements. To view the complete policy, please visit IBM Software Support Lifecycle Policy.

Summary of recent enhancements

You asked for We delivered
more flexibility to migrate to new versions on a schedule dictated by your business needs, without worrying that you will 'run out of support' Enhanced '5+3" Support. Over the past few years, we have moved many of the 2000+ products in our software portfolio to Enhanced '5+3' Support–giving you more flexibility to migrate to new versions on your own schedule, without “running out of support.”
support across multiple versions of software Support for the 'current' version and up to two previous versions. A new multiple version software support initiative will offer support for previous versions of selected IBM branded products.  And, while not every IBM software product will be covered initially, our plan is to expand the total number of covered products over time. Support for previous versions may help you reduce the need to acquire extended support and give you more flexibility to manage upgrades, under an attractive pricing structure.
support continuity and consistency for 'acquired' products Dedicated Support teams for acquisitions. We make every effort to ensure that dedicated Support teams are in place to assist you until newly acquired software products become IBM branded products. Please contact your IBM sales representative if you have questions about support for an acquired software product.
predictable lifecycle communications to help you shape your upgrade and support strategy better Twice yearly End of support announcements. We announce 'End of support' [EOS] dates on 30 April and 30 September, with only a few exceptions.
a consolidated, single point of entry for all your support needs The IBM Support Portal. The award winning, IBM Support Portal [] brings support resources for IBM hardware, software and services together in a fully integrated online experience that you can customize to meet your individual needs. A key resource for your entire IT organization, it also serves as an entry point for Service Requests [SRs] and provides access to downloads, the IBM Support Assistant [ISA], IBM Assist On-site and more.
a way to request support beyond the standard or enhanced lifecycle The option to request extended support. We understand that circumstances can delay your ability to move to new versions. As an IBM software customer, you should never feel like you're 'going it alone'. Please contact your IBM sales representative, preferably prior to the end of the existing support period to request extended support.