What you should know about revised Passport Advantage Agreements

IBM Software Subscription and Support
Revised Passport Advantage agreements bring multiple sets of existing terms together and offer Passport Advantage Express clients the option to migrate to Passport Advantage.


  1. Commonly used terms and concepts, including virtualization [sub-capacity] licensing, SaaS and specialized appliances, are incorporated into the base agreements. This reduces the need for multiple amendments for new products, unique language and wording of program base agreements, and their attachments.
  2. Removal of the 500-point entry requirement for Passport Advantage. Elimination of the total order size restriction, which previously kept some customers from qualifying for Passport Advantage, makes it possible for customers with relatively few IBM software licenses to enroll in or migrate to Passport Advantage to accrue discounts and eliminates the need to process multiple individual renewal quotes throughout the year.

Other important changes

  • You must cover ALL IBM licenses for every installed and in service product - or cover none of them. This change should help avoid accidental noncompliance with licensing and Software Subscription & Support terms and is in line with most software support programs
  • More countries can now benefit from the simplicity of automatic renewal of Software Subscription and Support and Fixed Term Licenses.

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