PVU requirement for SPARC T4 from Oracle (formerly Sun)

September 26, 2011

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On September 26, 2011 Oracle announced the SPARC T4 processor chip for use on Oracle/Sun SPARC Enterprise T-Series systems. Systems containing this new processor chip can have up to 8 processor cores per chip (socket) and 4 sockets per system (8 x 4 = 32 cores per system). Systems with a maximum of 2 sockets per server (e.g. T4-1, T4-1B, T4-2) will require 70 Processor Value Units (PVUs) per core and systems with a maximum of 4 sockets per server (e.g. T4-4) will require 100 PVUs per core for software licensing. This PVU requirement is intended to provide software price/performance improvement over the systems this SPARC T4 processor technology is likely to replace. .

With this announcement IBM continues the practice of licensing to the processor core. This practice provides the licensing granularity customers require, especially when using virtualization technologies, while offering the flexibility to configure their systems to best support their business objectives.

For a complete listing of processor technologies and their assigned PVUs, visit Processor Value Unit Licensing for Distributed Software