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PVU licensing for processors on x86 Quad-core technology

IBM announces Processor Value Unit (PVU) license requirements for the x86 quad-core processor family

Effective November 15, 2006, each processor core of the x86 quad-core family will require 50 processor Value Units for software licensing. This is designed to provide software price performance improvements over the systems these quad-core technologies are likely to replace. In addition, since the x86 quad-core is in the existing 50 PVU licensing tier, no additional licensing complexity is introduced into the PVU licensing structure.

IBM continues its practice of licensing to the processor core. This provides the licensing granularity our customers require, while also providing them the flexibility to configure their systems in the way that best supports their business objectives. For a complete listing of processor families and their assigned processor Value Units, go to Processor Value Unit [PVU] licensing for Distributed SW.