Licensing for Amazon Cloud

Bring your own software and license (BYOSL)

The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a hosting service provided by Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of, Inc.

If you have acquired software license entitlements under IBM's International Passport Advantage or Passport Advantage Express Agreements (collectively PA or PA Program), you may have the ability to run eligible IBM software programs in Amazon EC2 Instances using the bring your own software and license (BYOSL) model, providing you meet the licensing and record keeping requirements below.

Licensing Requirements and Eligible Software Programs

The bring your own software and license ("BYOSL") option allows customers to bring and upload Eligible IBM software Programs on the Amazon EC2, provided customer complies with the Program use requirements and has sufficient quantities of PA software license entitlements (Entitlements). Only the IBM Software listed as "eligible" in the "Table of Eligible BYOSL Software Programs" below may be uploaded to an Instance. When customer uses Entitlements for a Program under this BYOSL option in an Amazon EC2 Instance, those Entitlements are dedicated to that Instance and customer may not use such Entitlements outside the Instance.

Program use requirements. Customer is responsible to:

Eligible BYOSL Software Programs

For customers uploading software Programs for use on the Amazon EC2 under the BYOSL option, the list of Eligible Programs is set forth in the table below by category of software Program. The number of Entitlements required for each such Program is based on the license metric use authorization definition set forth in the License Information document for that Program, as modified in the License Metric Definitions below.

  1. Table of Eligible BYOSL Software Programs

All software Programs made available under PA, if authorized use is governed by the PVU license metric

All other IBM software Programs are not eligible for BYOSL use on the Amazon EC2.

License Metric Definitions

For each software Program, the license metric definition included in the Program License Information governs the use of the software Program, except as provided below by license metric. The Program License Information is part of the IBM International Program License Agreement for the IBM Program.

For software Programs which are licensed by 'PVU', the table below lists the number of PVU Entitlements required per IBM Program for each Amazon EC2 Instance Type currently available as of the table publish date. Charges for the Amazon Web Services EC2 service are separate and remain the responsibility of the customer.

PVU licenses required per IBM Program for each Amazon EC2 Instance Type

Amazon EC2 Instance Type (a) Number of
Virtual Cores
Multi-Tenant: PVUs required per Instance Type (b) Single-Tenant: PVUs required per Dedicated Instance Type (b)
Standard Instances
Small instance (m1.small) 1 70 100
Large instance (m1.large) 2 140 200
Extra large instance (ml.xlarge) 4 280 400
High-Memory Instances
High-Memory Extra Large (m2.xlarge) 2 140 200
High-Memory Double Extra Large (m2.2xlarge) 4 280 400
High-Memory Quadruple Extra Large (m2.4xlarge) 8 560 800
High-CPU Instances
High CPU Medium (c1.medium) 2 140 200
High CPU Extra Large (c1.xlarge) 8 560 800

Table publish date: March 14, 2014*

* For any instances created before March 14, 2014, customers must ensure they have sufficient IBM PVU entitlements by June 30, 2014 to remain in compliance.

  1. For more details see Instance Types at Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) (Link resides outside of
  2. For purposes of IBM Express Middleware Programs which have PVU based maximum authorized use limits per server, an Instance Type is equivalent to a server. See IBM Express Middleware Licensing Guide (PDF, 34.98KB) for a summary of PVU limits by Program

PVU licensing requirements per EC2 Instance are subject to change without notice.

Record Keeping Requirements

Customers who choose to acquire PA Entitlements for the BYOSL use option on the Amazon EC2, must have accepted and remain in compliance with the PA Sub-capacity Licensing Terms, and maintain a written record of any use of Entitlements as set forth below:

Sub-capacity Licensing is required for all software Programs licensed by PVU, if such Programs are uploaded to the Amazon EC2.

For information about Sub-capacity Licensing, how to accept sub-capacity terms, and other frequently asked questions, see the 'Sub-capacity Licensing' link on the right hand navigation bar. The Amazon EC2 is an Eligible Virtualization Environment, but it is not supported by the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT).

As described in PA Sub-capacity Licensing Terms, customers agree to install and configure the most current version of ILMT...and generate Audit Reports in accordance with Sub-capacity Licensing terms, unless one of the four listed exceptions are met. If customers meet one of these four exceptions, including when ILMT does not yet support the Eligible Virtualization Environment. Customers agree to manually prepare Audit Reports documenting the Virtualization Capacity by Eligible Product for the Amazon EC2 Virtualization Environment during each calendar or fiscal quarter. In any case, Audit Reports must be prepared as frequently as is required to maintain a history of increases to Virtualization Capacity, but not less than once per quarter, and must be maintained for at least two years and made available to IBM upon request.