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PVU Assignment for New System z10 Processor Family

March 4, 2008

Effective 26 February 2008, for software licensing the IBM System z10™ requires 120 Processor Value Units (PVUs) for each Integrated Facility for Linux (IFL) engine or CP engine (one processor core). With significantly higher processor performance over predecessor IBM System z offerings, along with superior workload scheduling and processor utilization capabilities, this licensing requirement is designed to provide enhanced software value over other processor technologies it is likely to replace.

IBM continues the practice of licensing to the processor core. This practice provides the licensing granularity customers require, while offering the flexibility to configure their systems to best support their business objectives.

Processors are defined as cores (one IFL or CP engine) on System z10, so for PVU licensing the number of processors identified on the hardware is the same number of processors to be used for software licensing.

For instance

If a System z10 server has 5 processors, the number of PVUs required would be 5 processor cores times 120 PVUs (5 x 120 = 600 PVUs).

For a complete listing of processor families and their assigned PVUs, go to Processor Value Unit Licensing for Distributed SW.