Processor Value Unit [PVU] announcement letters

01 April 2009

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Intel announced a new x86 multi-core Xeon processor technology on March 30, 2009. This is the processor chip for servers commonly known by the code name "Nehalem". It will initially be available in both dual-core and quad-core chip configurations. The per core performance for this new chip is significantly better than prior multi-core (dual-core, quad-core, etc.) Xeon processors, and requires 70 Processor Value Units (PVUs) per processor core.

PVU licenses required for previous generation Intel Xeon multi-core processor technologies remain unchanged. Processor model numbers will now be necessary to differentiate between new and previous generation Intel Xeon multi-core processor technologies. The PVU requirement for this new Intel Xeon processor technology is intended to provide software price/performance improvement over the previous generation technologies likely to be replaced.

For a complete listing of processor technologies and their assigned PVUs, go to Processor Value Unit Licensing for Distributed Software.