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During the online experience you will find links to several contextual process help documents. For completeness, you will also find them below.

IBM registration help and FAQ

For an outline of the steps to obtain an IBM ID, select your preferred language.

Registration and manage access process help

Outlines the registration steps for the Primary Contact as well as for additional customer contacts wanting to become a User / Secondary Contact and how the Primary Contact and Secondary Contacts can use the Manage access functionality to control who from their company should be able to access Passport Advantage Online and which features they can use. Select your preferred language.

Access privilege help

For an outline of access privileges which can be set to grant users access to relevant features, select your preferred language

Shopping process help

Shopping and eOrder help is ONLY available within Passport Advantage Online. To access, eOrder and shopping help, you must be logged in to Passport Advantage Online. You may then select from a wide range of shopping-related topics including:

Renewals Shopping help information is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese [BR], Spanish [ES] and Spanish [MX].

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