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Explains the features available to Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express customers via Passport Advantage Online


Explains the steps involved for the customer contact nominated as the Primary Contact as well as for additional customer contacts wanting to become a User / Secondary Contact.

Please note: these steps do not apply to the customer contact nominated as the Primary Contact for Passport Advantage customers who have enrolled into the Passport Advantage program via the Passport Advantage Online enrollment tool, or for Passport Advantage Express customers who have acquired via the IBM software online catalog. In both these cases the Primary Contacts create an IBM ID during the Passport Advantage web enrollment or the Passport Advantage Express web acquisition experience giving them immediate access to all the functions of Passport Advantage Online.

Explains how the Primary Contact [and Users the Primary Contact has added as Secondary Contacts to share this responsibility] can use the Manage access functionality to control who from their company should be able to access Passport Advantage Online and which feature they can use. Also explains how Users who require access to more than one Passport Advantage Site can use the Self-nomination functionality.

Explains how the Contact update feature can be used to nominate specific contacts from your company for specific business areas and responsibilities - and just as important... how to keep the contacts up to date.

Shopping process help

Shopping and eOrder help is ONLY available within Passport Advantage Online. To access, eOrder and shopping help, you must be logged in to Passport Advantage Online. You may then select from a wide range of shopping-related topics including:

Renewals Shopping help information is available in English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese [BR], Spanish [ES] and Spanish [MX].


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