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Scroll the content below to access instructional videos designed to help you better understand and use your Passport Advantage Online experience.

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Instructional videos

Shows and explains all the Software and Services Online features available to Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express customers when using their customized online experience - Passport Advantage Online.

Shows and explains the steps involved for the customer contact nominated as the Primary Contact.

Please note that these steps do not apply to Passport Advantage customers who have enrolled into the Passport Advantage program via the Passport Advantage Online enrollment tool, or for Passport Advantage Express customers who have acquired via the IBM software online catalog. In both these cases the customers create an IBM ID during the Passport Advantage web enrollment or the Passport Advantage Express web acquisition experience giving them immediate access to all the functions of Passport Advantage Online.

Watch the Primary Contact and Passport Advantage Online Access video. It explains

Watch the video

Watch the video

Shows and explains the steps involved for additional customer contacts to become a User / Secondary Contact.

Shows and explains in detail the Software download & media access features.

Shows and explains in detail the account management features.