Passport Advantage Agreements and Enrollment forms updated

5 May 2008

This page is available for 'historic' reference only.
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Effective May 5th, 2008, new Passport Advantage Agreements and Passport Advantage Enrollment Forms are released for immediate use.

These new agreements and forms must be used for all new enrollments as of this date.

The updated agreements and forms are part of IBM's change in terminology from using "Software Maintenance" to the more descriptive "Software Subscription and Support". This is a terminology change only - there are no benefit or obligation changes in the terms of the agreement and existing Passport Advantage Agreements are not affected, so there will not be a general contract change notification to the existing Passport Advantage customer base.

Passport Advantage Document Number


Passport Advantage Enrollment Forms Numbers

Z125-6125-08 (no signature version)

Z125-6498-06 (customer signature version)

Z125-6499-06 (customer and IBM signature version)

Use applicable version according to the Passport Advantage enrollment signature requirements for your country)