Licensing for IBM SoftLayer

Bring Your Own Software and License (BYOSL)


IBM offers a Bring Your Own Software and License (BYOSL) option which allows IBM customers to upload and execute Eligible IBM software Programs on the IBM SoftLayer infrastructure, provided the customer complies with the Program use requirements and has sufficient quantities of PA software license entitlements (Entitlements).

Customers may use software licenses acquired under IBM's International Passport Advantage or Passport Advantage Express Agreements (collectively PA or PA Program) with IBM SoftLayer infrastructure and IBM PureApplication Service per the requirements stated below.


IBM SoftLayer infrastructure is IBM's self-service global platform for high-performance cloud-based applications.

IBM PureApplication Service is a platform which provides pattern based deployment on SoftLayer Bare Metal servers.  More details are available at, or via email at

Licensing Requirements

Only the IBM Software listed in the "Table of Eligible BYOSL Software Programs" section below may be uploaded to the IBM SoftLayer infrastructure.

When a customer uses Entitlements for a Program under this BYOSL option in a cloud-provisioned instance, those Entitlements are dedicated to that instance and customer may not use such Entitlements for any other purpose at the same time.

Table of Eligible BYOSL Software Programs

Eligible Passport Advantage Programs include:

  1. Processor Value Unit metric Programs
  2. IBM Platform Computing Brand
  3. IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer managing
    • Processor Value Unit (PVU) metric Programs
    • Virtual Server metric Programs

PVU licenses required per IBM Program for each SoftLayer server type:

SoftLayer Self Service Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings based on x86 technology
  Virtual Servers Bare Metal Servers
Public Nodes Private Nodes
Server Type Virtual Virtual Physical
Physical Server Tenancy Multi Single Single
Processor Value Unit (PVU) for Bring Your Own Software & License (BYOSL) 70 PVU per virtual core 100 PVU per virtual core per PVU Licensing and Sub-capacity Licensing

Licensing requirements for SoftLayer (as described above) are subject to change without notice.

Program Use & Entitlement Tracking Requirements

You are responsible for remaining in compliance with all applicable IBM PA Agreement and SoftLayer terms covering the Entitlement.

Entitlement Tracking Requirements:

Processor Value Unit metric Programs and IBM Platform Computing Brand Programs

IBM PureApplication Service on SoftLayer: