About Passport Advantage Express

How it works.

IBM provides you with two license acquisition and Software Subscription and Support offerings: Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express

Passport Advantage Express, described below, is designed to meet the needs of medium-sized businesses. Passport Advantage is designed for larger enterprises.

For more information, see About Passport Advantage.


Passport Advantage Express is designed for single-site, smaller enterprise businesses. It combines the full Passport Advantage product list with the simplicity of transaction-based acquisition. Passport Advantage Express does not require a relationship agreement— each transaction is subject to the terms and conditions effective at the time. There are no points and no aggregating— just a single price level. And with each new license acquisition, you get renewable Software Subscription and Support.

That's all there is to it— simple, straightforward, easy.

Passport Advantage Express benefits

Software Subscription and Support

Passport Advantage Express includes an IBM Software Subscription and Support feature that complements your IBM software purchases. It includes both product upgrades and technical support and fosters successful software deployments. With product upgrades, you get complete upgrade and cross-platform migration coverage for most commercially available IBM distributed software— Lotus, WebSphere, Tivoli, Information Management and Rational Software. You can upgrade to new releases and new versions as the needs of your business dictate. Technical Support helps keep your users up and running wherever they are working in the world. This is our way of making sure you are covered with the technical support you need. This is your way of getting an increased return on your IBM investment of a total software solution.

And, Software Subscription and Support Renewals take place on a per-transaction basis, spreading the cost throughout your budget year.

For more information, see Software Subscription and Support.

CEO Product Categories

CEO Product Categories are collections of closely associated products, which together, create an enterprise infrastructure solution. These CEO Product Categories are offered on a per-user basis and are subject to specific acquisition rules including a minimum initial user quantity requirement (minimum varies by CEO Product Category). CEO Product Category customers must acquire their first (primary) CEO Product Category on an enterprise-wide basis and subject to that category's minimum initial user quantity, and may then acquire additional (secondary) Product Categories for the same number or less users than the primary category, but subject to each secondary category's minimum initial user quantity. Pricing includes the usage of all products in the category, with Software Subscription and Support included.

Software Subscription and Support ensures that customers always have the most up-to-date eligible versions of IBM distributed software— Lotus, WebSphere, Tivoli, Information Management, and Rational Software— and have software technical support to ensure their success in using the software. Available through IBM Business Partners and IBM Direct Sales.

For more information, see CEO product listings.

Getting started

With Passport Advantage Express, you obtain the licenses for the products you need when you need them— without a relationship agreement or enrollment.

To get started with Passport Advantage Express, visit our IBM Software online catalog or contact an authorized IBM Business Partner. For help in finding a Business Partner in your area, consult the IBM Business Partner Directory.

If you complete a transaction with your Business Partner, the Partner provides IBM with the information needed to record your purchase— no additional action is necessary on your part.