Updated Passport Advantage Agreements and associated documents

September 8, 2008

This page is available for 'historic' reference only.
Go to Passport Advantage Agreements, forms and attachments to view and download current Agreements


On May 5th, 2008 we announced the availability of updated Passport Advantage Agreements and Enrollment Forms to reflect the terminology change from "Software Maintenance" to "Software Subscription and Support", which more clearly describes the value provided under the program.

Now we are announcing that updated versions of the Passport Advantage Express Agreement will be in effect from September 8, 2008 and that these updated Agreements have been changed to reflect the new terminology.

In addition, a new version of the Attachment for Sub-Capacity Licensing Terms will be released on the same day which not only reflects the new Software Subscription and Support terminology but also has a number of major enhancements. Visit Sub-capacity Attachments to view and download the updated sub-capacity offering Attachments. All new documents are available at Passport Advantage Agreements and Forms.