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OS/2 Withdrawal from Marketing and Change in Support


For several years IBM has published an OS/2 Strategy. It stated IBM's intention to reduce OS/2 support and made the recommendation that customers implement a phased transition from client-and-server environments to the WebSphere software platform. Consistent with that direction, OS/2 Warp V4 and OS/2 Warp Server for e-business have been withdrawn from marketing and the product CDs are no longer available. End of Standard Support via Passport Advantage for both products was December 31, 2006. Both announcements were on July 12, 2005. See announced for the specific announcement letter for each individual geography.

Existing OS/2 customers

Existing OS/2 customers can purchase additional OS/2 licenses on an exception basis. IBM will review each request and notify the customer if it is approved.

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