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IBM Capacity Management Analytics for zEnterprise: A cost-effective solution for optimal performance

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Speaker: David Jeffries, Director, Business Analytics on System z, IBM Software Group
Broadcast date: April 22, 2014, 11:00 a.m. EDT / 3:00 p.m. GMT / 4:00 p.m. BST
Developed for: CIOs; IT and enterprise architects and managers; IT strategists; IT managers
Technical level: Basic

Because of its dramatic qualities of service, System z® is the platform of choice for many of today’s mission-critical business applications. Optimizing this investment is of the utmost importance. The faster you can identify and fix an issue, whether it is latency, system timeouts, application failure or data center downtime, the less you lose and the more you gain in terms of responding to changing conditions.

Today, many clients use a mix of solutions – from spreadsheets to a combination of products from a variety of different vendors – in an attempt to manage capacity. This approach often makes it very difficult as it is either a manual process that requires too much time to interpret, or the tools are too complex for the skills of the in-house staff. Yet without the capability to perform an in-depth analysis of the System z performance data, it can be very difficult to pinpoint the root cause of an issue before it impacts the business. Predicting future requirements is nearly impossible!

From the data center executive, to systems managers and system administrators, IBM can help you manage your zEnterprise® investment more efficiently and cost-effectively through a single, integrated solution. Join us for a complimentary IBM webcast and learn how the combination of Cognos® BI and SPSS® Modeler for zEnterprise and Tivoli® Decision Support for z/OS®, enables you to manage the complete lifecycle of zEnterprise. We will discuss how it cost-effectively analyzes usage, service objectives, resource utilization, system tuning, accounting and cost recovery. You will also learn how it measures and manages available and planned capacity, and how these capabilities can positively impact your business.

Attendees will receive two complimentary papers on IBM Capacity Management Analytics. Join us after the webcast for a live question-and-answer session

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