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Continuous integration testing and quality management in the mainframe software development lifecycle





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Developed for: Application programmers and managers; operations managers; system programmers
Technical level: Basic

Delivering applications and services to the market has become an area of daunting complexity. What appears to be a simple mobile or web application relies on a complex network of interdependent systems running in the background – with much of that critical data coming from the company’s mainframe. In addition, many software and systems delivery teams are trying to adopt Agile practices, but are finding that integration testing can pose a significant bottleneck to the process as a whole.

How can you rapidly and continuously test composite application environments when critical dependent services, such as mainframe transactions, are not available to be tested until late in the development cycle?

Join us for a complimentary webcast as we share how service virtualization technology and deployment automation can help companies manage this complexity by simulating the performance and behavior of mainframe systems such as System z. Attendees will learn from real-world examples presented by service virtualization and mainframe experts about the way service virtualization can enable continuous integration to increase quality, reduce cost, and decrease project risk. In this session, we will also introduce the new capabilities for managing z/OS® applications deployment in conjunction with application deployment on other platforms.

Join us after the webcast for a live question-and-answer session. This webcast will also be available for replay after the event.

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